Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day in the life...

After reading numerous other bloggers describe a day in their lives I've decided to share mine as well. It seems that most I read are either SAHM's or working mom's that document their weekend. The few I've seen of the working mom's working day have been quite helpful for me to see how other's handle that sort of schedule so here is my working day.

5:47 - Wake up. My alarm is set for 6 am, but I'm already up. I'm actually grateful that I slept in this late as the last couple weeks I have been waking up at 4 or 5 am. If I am able to fall back to sleep it has been light, scattered sleep until the alarm goes off. When I wake up this morning I debate about turning the alarm off so it doesn't wake my daughter across the hall, but the cat decides to open Riley's creaky bedroom door at 5:55 which wakes her right up. Immediately, my husband and I hear her calling for "mommy", "daddy", and saying "It's all gone". I'm not sure what's all gone. Perhaps she's referring to her sleep. Yes, sweetie, your sleep is all gone and you're now awake. Jesse goes to get Riley while I put on the clothes I set out the night before. I don't trust myself to make a quick decision in the morning, plus my husband and daughter usually sleep until around 6:30 so I often get dressed in the dark.

6:00 - I go downstairs and finish getting ready. Jesse and Riley follow shortly after. He gets her set up with some cereal and heads back upstairs to get dressed. Once he comes back down we all sit at the table and eat breakfast. This is a rarity as we are usually rushing around a bit more in the morning. After breakfast, Riley gets to color and go into the basement to play for a little bit. This never happens.

Decide to take a couple pictures of myself since I am doing this post. Obviously, I didn't put a lot of work into getting ready as my hair looks uncombed, my shirt is crooked , and there is lint all over my sweater. I don't notice this until after I get home and look at this picture.

And one of me all bundled up. It's actually been quite warm for a Minnesota winter so I'm probably overdressed, but since I wait outside for a bus I'd rather be too warm than not warm enough. And, yes, I know I'm a dork for taking these pictures of myself.

6:53 - We head out the door together and hop in the car. Three days a week it works out that Jesse drives me a few blocks to a bus stop, then another couple blocks to drop off Riley at daycare, and then a couple miles to his work. I love the days that we can all leave together as a family.

7:04 - Get on the bus and use the time to catch up on the book I'm reading right now "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana De Rosnay. My bus drops me off right in front of my building around 7:25. I take my regular walk through the skyway level to the back elevators. This will soon change as my team will be moving sometime this month. Most days I expect to see the same things happen: The bank lady heads towards the door to unlock it, the woman with the headphones walks past me in the opposite direction sometimes with her mom, one hair salon guy is seated behind the front desk while the other guy is sitting at his station reading the news paper... I don't necessarily see these things every single day, but the hair salon scenario is the same about 99.9% of the time. Today? The front desk guy was actually cutting a woman's hair. Totally throws me off.

7:30 - Log in and start working. Typically, I sit in a cubicle all day fielding calls and emails with a couple meetings scattered in between. Some days I feel like I am in meetings all day (like Wednesday), but today (Thursday) I don't have a single meeting.

10:10 - It's been pretty steady all morning, but I need a snack to refuel. Grab my cut up apple and cheese and dig in while working on a project.

12:00 - Today I'm having lunch with a former team mate. We both still work at the same company, but our team was split up a couple years ago. We see each other in meetings, but try and find occasional time to get lunch or go to happy hour. Today we are trying The Burger Place as I have heard good things about it.

1:00 - Back at my desk. The burgers were good, but everything was a little greasy and I smell like a  burger joint. All I want to do is go home and shower. Decide to swap out my sweater for a fleece I have at the office. Hope the smell dissipates soon.

4:34 - Done with work for the day. Head out to the bus stop which is a couple blocks from the office. My bus usually doesn't come until 4:48 so I read a little while waiting for the bus.

5:10 - Arrive home a few minutes early because I caught the earlier bus. Riley is eating dinner and Jesse is just about to sit down with his. I warm up some leftovers, but by the time I am ready to eat they are done. So much for eating as a family, but honestly this is the closest we get to it most days. After dinner Riley and I color, and play 'sleep and wake up' which is her new favorite game that she made up. Basically, we pretend to sleep and then she wakes us up. She thinks it is hilarious. Here's a really bad video of it. I love seeing her pretend sleeping face.

6:00 - Time for Riley's bath. I start the water and then ask my husband to remind me to wear red tomorrow in honor of women's heart health. He tells me I might be better off if I don't eat another greasy burger tomorrow. Point taken.

6:25 - Finished with bath. Have Riley say good night to daddy and head upstairs where we finish getting ready for bed, play, and read books. Riley usually sits on my lap to read books, but recently she decided she wants to sit on the chair herself while I am on the floor. She seems more engaged in the book this way and is more likely to read the book herself. When I do read she will watch my mouth. It's like I can see her brain working. I love this, but I miss our lap time too.

7:20 - Riley is finally down a little later than usual. She seemed pretty riled up so I rocked with her for a bit until she mellowed out. I head downstairs and start the banana bread I am making for my co-worker, Delena, whose birthday is the next day. Delena mentioned a couple weeks ago that she doesn't like store bought treats... only homemade. I only have enough banana's to make one loaf of banana bread, but that won't be enough for everyone. Delena's not a fan of chocolate, but I have brownie mix so I decide to make that as well (which I fully recognize is not technically homemade since it's from a box). She can have the banana bread while the rest of the team can eat the brownie cake pops I'm going to attempt to make. While the banana bread is cooking I jump in the shower. I get out, work on this post a little, blow dry my hair, and then mix up the brownies.

8:40 - The brownies are in the oven and the banana bread is almost done. I am trying to make brownie pops with a new silicone pan I bought. They didn't turn out last time, but I also had tried it with a gluten free brownie mix. Let's see what happens tonight. I work on making Delena a card with her new tagline "I'm gonna need you to...". There's a back story to that line, but she and some other teammates will get the humor in this. The inside will then say "...have a Happy Birthday". Nothing crazy, but she should like it.

8:50 - Pull banana bread out of oven. Realize I am exhausted and getting a headache. Decide to eat some yogurt. Go back to making Delena's card. After finishing the card I check on the brownie pops. Hmmm, they turned out better than last time, but didn't quite work. Throw rest of brownie mixture into flat pan and put in oven. I then open mail, fold laundry, add items to the grocery list, empty dishwasher and clean up the rest of the kitchen. My husband is down in the basement catching up on "American Horror Story" which I refuse to watch as I get easily scared. It's 9:30 and I just want to go to bed, but have to wait for the rest of the brownies. Time to take something for this headache.

9:40 - Try doing my physical therapy stretches, but barely do them. I'm just too tired and my head is really starting to hurt. Run upstairs and pick out an outfit for tomorrow. Try and fix the Xfinity app on my iPad that suddenly isn't working so I can't get my emails from that account, but it's just not cooperating. Realize I didn't prep lunch or a snack for tomorrow. Guess I might be buying lunch again.

9:58 - Get brownies out of oven and head straight up to bed. Toss and turn a bit before falling asleep. I wake up a couple times during the night and then find myself awake at 5:15 the next morning with Riley waking shortly after. What the...?! One day soon I hope to get a good night's sleep.


  1. I loved reading this :) I hesitate to post accounts of my workdays for fear of showing that I'm a lot of the time not TECHNICALLY in the office for a full 8 hours ;)

    1. Well, I'm stuck on a phone queue most of the day so there is no getting around my schedule. Oh how I wish I had more flexibility in my schedule. I'm just grateful they allow me to work 7:30 - 4:30 because all the newer folks have to work 8 - 5. That half hour makes a ton of difference in how much I get to hang out with my kid.

  2. I can't tell you how nice it is to see a "day in the life of" that isn't written by a stay-at-home mom! Us working mommy bloggers are pretty few and far between, so it's nice to know there's others that have a hectic life/schedule too! Oh and btw, I LOVE the book "Sarah's Key!" So sad, but so good!


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