Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little bit of randomness...

I feel like there are a lot of happenings that have passed by recently so in attempt to get caught up I thought I write a post full of random moments. Plus I wanted a spot to show off some of these pictures.

~ Riley has been going to a music class each Saturday where she gets to listen to music, sing, dance, play instruments, and play with things like scarves (her favorite) and hula hoops. I feel awkward taking pictures there since there are a lot of other little kids, but Jesse was willing to snap off a couple of pictures to document the experience.

It's interesting to see her in this class as she is the one always in the middle dancing around while the other kids often sit in their parents lap or hang out on the perimeter. When I was a kid I was really shy so I imagine myself nothing like Riley in this sense. I'm glad that she's out there freely having fun and embracing the moment.

~ Before one of our music classes we decided to stop at a local park. It was a pretty cold day, but Riley didn't seem to care. I'm sure she was just excited to experience a new playground.

~ Riley has also been pretty obsessed with her sunglasses lately and even insisted on taking a nap in them one day. I guess I'd rather she'd do this than not want to wear them at all. She does look pretty cool in them.

~ We went to Toys R Us one day and found a new pimpin' ride. We didn't actually buy the Cadillac, but she did get the Nemo stuffed animal. It might be the only stuffed animal she has any interest in. She's just not a stuffed animal kid.

Besides the Cadillac there was a Mini Cooper for sale. Jesse happens to really, really want a Mini for himself so I think there was a moment where he thought he might live that dream through his daughter. Unfortunately, it was in a spot that we couldn't get a picture of her in it so we had to settle for the Caddy.

~ We had a terrible spill face first into some cabinets and ended up with a shiner. This is a few days later, but certainly bright enough that people were pointing it out. I'm just grateful it didn't break open.

~ First braid!

~ When I was little I had a Bert and Ernie radio that I loved and carried all over. It's broken and quite dirty now, but I still have it. Riley loves her Sesame Street characters' so I dug through all the boxes in the attic and found it in the very last one.

Ernie obviously has some 70's hair so my husband was concerned that it would freak Riley out, but after an initial "I don't want this" she embraced it and started carrying it around.

~ After reading a co-worker's blog I was inspired to get Riley into the kitchen to 'help' me. We made berry muffins and she was very helpful in putting the muffin liners in the muffin tins, then taking them out again, putting them back in, taking them out, flattening them out, dropping them on the floor... Such a helpful little girl.

Here she is making sure they taste ok before I put them in the oven. Mmmmm.... muffins.

~ And finally I bought bacon recently. This is quite newsworthy as I haven't had bacon in eons. A co-worker was talking about her recent cravings for bacon and all of a sudden it was all I could think of. I forgot how wonderful BLT's are.

~ Wait! This just in... Riley used the potty for the first time! 2/20/12 at 6:38 pm CST if anyone's keeping track. We got a potty a few months ago and showed her what it was, but haven't pushed her to use it. Every once in awhile I'll ask her if she wants to sit on her potty and this time she actually did something. Is it sad that this is one of the highlights of my life right now?

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  1. Glad your experience in the kitchen went relatively well :)

    We did a music class with Annie when she was like 9 months old and it was lame, but we need to try again - I think she'd love it now - at that age she was definitely too young to get what was going on at all.


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