Saturday, February 18, 2012

Papa and Grandma's Birthday Party

My parent's birthdays are three days apart so each year we celebrate them together. Like last year we all gathered at my mom's nursing home which was nice enough to let us use their atrium for our spacious family.

Riley pulled these balloons around wherever she went. She wasn't about to let them out of her sight.

The newest member of our family, Rocky with auntie Connie.

I'm pretty sure LaRaa would have preferred that I didn't take her picture. Repeatedly.
And then post the one with her tongue sticking out, but I think she looks great. So there.

I finally got to met my nephew's son, Alex, who just turned one a couple weeks ago.
He's such a sweetie... and grandpa Jim has become a bit of a softie too.

The nursing home has this large bird display that the kids enjoy.
Here my brother, John, shows James some of the birds.

Alex with his momma, Jenny.

My dad was so worried about my mom looking at the camera that he never bothered to look either.
I gave up and just took the picture.

Rocky with grandpa Barry.

Doing the jig.

Alex tentatively reaching out towards auntie Angel.

My sister, Angel.

My mom after eating chili. She looks a little like a Mafia head honcho.
After all she is 100% Sicilian so it's probably in her blood.

My nephew's other son, James, with his purple monkey.

All in all it was another great party. Thank you to Judy for pulling this all together and for all those who were able to come celebrate with us. Until next year...

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