Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Photo a Day week 1

July Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

Self portrait

So hot outside. Dreaming of when I can comfortably go outside again. Seems like it is never going to happen. So grateful that I have central air.


End of day and I finally get to take the headset off. The phones were ringing nonstop this week at work. My head started to burn from wearing this thing all day. Thankfully, I had two days off this week to break up the craziness.

Best part of your day

Tuesday's are always hard days for me because I work odd hours. I get to hang out with my kid in the morning (which is great), but I don't get home until 8 at night when Riley is already in bed. Although, truth be told, the best part of this day was probably that I got to leave work at 6 pm instead of 7:30. My boss forgot to tell me this so I only found out a few minutes before 6. I got to see my kid that night after all.


We went to the park at 7 am because we figured it would be the only time of the day we would be able to tolerate going outside. But, even then, it felt like a sauna. We walked about a half mile to a park, played for awhile, and then stumbled home all sweaty by 8:30. Strangely enough there were people at a shelter at the park grilling at 7:30 am. The rest of the day we spent indoors trying to stay cool.

On the floor

Jesse and Riley have been playing a new game called "letters". They both lay on their belly and say "what letter should we find", only Riley says it with this weird accent. It's too cute. I've tried playing it with her, but apparently there are times you are supposed to whisper and I don't do it like Daddy does.


I'm thinking it's about time to get rid of the high chair since Riley has to squeeze her knees in when she sits down. She's a little short to sit at the table, but I don't feel like buying a booster (we bought one and it didn't fit right so we returned it). Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten rid of those phone books after all.


Ahhhhh. It finally rained last night and broke through the oppressive weather. We spent the morning outside pulling weeds (which Riley fully embraced), coloring with chalk, and running around. It was comfortable and delightful.

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  1. Ha, I love that there is a certain way to play "Letters" :) Annie is SO like that too - just starts freaking out if you do something that doesn't match up with her idea of how something SHOULD be played. OMG.


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