Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Wrap-up

Yet another edition of random photos and videos...

Getting a little crazy playing "letters" with Daddy.

And having a 'sing off' with daddy.

We've been to this park before, but it has now worked it's way into our regular rotation. In fact, parks are now often referred to by their slide color.

Mall of America on 4th of July.

Mesmerized by the Diego Bus ride. When we finally decided to buy tickets for the rides, she announced that she wanted to go home. Go home, go home, go home! Go figure.

Like last year Riley had about 12,000 4th of July outfits that were handed down to us. Unlike last year, I didn't take a picture of every one, but did capture a couple of them. 

This kid never stops moving and always seems to be eating when she's around her papa. He thinks I have my hands full.  I don't know what he's talking about.

Ok, I guess I'm gonna have to agree with him. What a nut she is. I now understand the benefit of having children when you are younger... and can keep up with them.

She walked up these steps and then walked back down to the bottom step to jump off of it... over and over and over.

Excuse the sideways view.

As I've mentioned before Riley is a little apprehensive about water, but she seemed to enjoy the sprinkler on low and has requested it again.

Playing with a new app on the iPad. It amazes me how quick she picks up on things... and how frustrated she gets when it doesn't go her way. She does not like to be wrong, but I don't really blame her. 

One day while visiting my dad we went to a park near his house. It was really hot out (which has been the norm for some time now) and the playground equipment felt like it had been cooking in the sun for weeks. Before I fully realized this I agreed to take Riley down that big slide behind her. Turns out it was a wicked fast and hot slide... and I have the scars to prove it on my elbow and armpit (getting friction/heat burns in these areas are not recommended). I'm thankful that Riley didn't go down the slide by herself. 

Found a shady spot at the park.

Time for an ice cream cone after a rigorous workout at the park.

Just trying to stay comfortable in this never ending heat.

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  1. It felt blissful tonight to be outside after the last few weeks - seriously amazing how great 80 can feel after weeks of 90+!!

    That video of Riley shaking her head is awesome - Annie does pretty much that exact same thing sometimes :)


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