Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Photo a Day week 2

July Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


Riley and I went to Papa's house this day. He lives out in Hamel and the town was preparing for their annual parade that coincides with the Hamel Rodeo. Unfortunately, all the events conflict with Riley's sleep times so we didn't get to experience any of it (one day in the future!). We did, however, go to McDonalds which was Riley's first time (and my first time in years - I'm good for a long time now, thank you). She ate a fair amount of fries, but surprisingly, only ate a little of the ice cream cone. Although, I guess I shouldn't really be surprised since I always go for salt over sweet myself. 


It still amazes me that this little girl is not a baby anymore. When we last went to the doctor she checked in at the 90th percentile for height! Seriously, where does she get that height since she comes from short to average genes. I'm sure her growth will start to slow down, but it still blows me away that she's so tall.

Your favorite color

If you've read my previous posts you probably know that my favorite color is red, but to be clear... the flowers above are not actually red. They are a dark pink which appears to be my new favorite color with clothes apparently. Once upon a time my hair used to be darker, straighter, and longer... and I wore a lot of black. After a lot of comments about looking goth I decided it was time to introduce more color into my wardrobe. That was some time ago, but I still make a point to bring some brightness to my outfits... and dark pink just happens to be my color of choice right now.


Riley has gotten pretty good about writing her letters. Here you can see a P in blue topped by the B in red. H, I and an upside down A are usually her favorites letters to write.


This carving hangs in our dining room above our buffet. When I knew we were moving into this house I got it into my head that I wanted something like this and then was lucky enough to find one on sale shortly before we moved in. Score.


Above Riley was playing with a new app on the iPad. It was pretty fun to watch her soak it up and learn new concepts. So while her mouth is open, it was really her open brain that I was in awe of.


When I originally saw this prompt I thought this would be so easy since I work downtown amidst skyscrapers, but turns out this was a Saturday and I wasn't working downtown. Rats. Sure I could have taken a picture of my house, the garage, or Target (the 3 "buildings" I entered today), but it seemed fitting to take a picture of this iPad app called Tiny Tower. This is a game my husband downloaded, but rarely plays with anymore. Riley opened it up yesterday and we both tinkered with it a little, but I didn't really know how to play it. One day later and I've expanded the building, tenants, and businesses by leaps and bounds. If only it was that easy in real life. Now if I could just turn it off and go to bed.

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