Monday, July 23, 2012

July Photo a Day week 3

July Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


I had intended to get a different picture... not sure what it was, but I didn't think this one would be the 'finger' picture. Turns out it was the only picture I took with any fingers displayed.


'Sign' and 'a sign' has been a photo prompt before so I was trying to find a fresh perspective for this one when I noticed Riley playing with her train set on the floor. She get's really into this, but gets a little frustrated that the tracks don't stay together well (am seriously thinking of gluing the set onto plywood). It's cute to hear her say over and over "chucka chucka, choo choo" as she drives the train cars over the tracks.

Your addiction

I couldn't really think of an addiction that I have. I mean, I often have cravings for chocolate, but I wouldn't call it an addiction. I do crave the outdoors, though. Sometimes I'm not mindful of how much I need to be outside in nature until I am outside... and then my whole body relaxes (or maybe I need to just spend less time in front of a computer).


Turns out I didn't eat one thing on a plate this day. We all woke up late after being up with Riley for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Because of this I picked up breakfast and lunch in the skyway downtown and then my husband ordered dinner so everything was eaten in takeout wrappers/containers. It was a total food day fail for sure.


Mr. Diablo. The old guy has his favorite spots to hang out around the house, but breaks with tradition from time to time. Recently he started sleeping on my mouse pad (he'll leave me just enough room to use the mouse)... or he'll try to sleep on my wrist as I type. Sometimes I worry that these changes in behavior mean that he's trying to tell me something, but he's a cat so who knows.


These blue eyes remind me of her daddy which reminds me of a song we played during a video montage we put together for our wedding reception.

9 o'clock

Wonderful summer rain to knock 90 degrees on his butt. We turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows for a few brief hours before the heat and the humidity fought back. Is it odd that when it was pouring out I had a huge desire to go take a walk in it?

Upside down

I mentioned to my husband that the picture prompt of the day was 'upside down'. He immediately bent over to stretch his back so I quickly I snapped a picture... and then he tried to get me to delete the picture. Na-ah. It was like he was asking to have his picture taken. Plus, I get the feeling he no longer reads this blog so he'll never know.

See July Photo a Day week 1, and 2.

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