Monday, May 13, 2013

Born with a hammer in one hand and a tape measure in the other...

As many of you know I like remodeling. This blog doesn't really show the scope of remodeling I've done, but let's say if I started a blog 10 years ago that probably would have been it's focus. About that time I bought my first house, a duplex, that was built in 1900 which had multiple updates through the years... and was in need of additional love. Let's just say it was dated and was clearly impacted from years of renters.

The first thing I did once I closed on the house was rip the carpet out. The remodeling projects continued from there. I loved the changes I could make and the money I could save doing some of the work on my own (of course, using licensed professionals as needed).

When Jesse and I moved we knew that we had a list of updates for our new house that we were eager to tackle. We started with the basement and had big plans to knock that remodel out fast and head on to the next. Then I got pregnant and became somewhat useless. My brothers came over one day to help sheet rock the ceiling and had no idea that I was pregnant and could not help (I was having issues so the doctor ordered me to not lift anything and to take it easy). It was hard for me to simply serve people food and not get my hands dirty along with them.

Eventually, we got the basement finished, but all future remodels slowed down once we had a kid. Four years into our house and we've done the basement (minus the bathroom which is still in limbo) and the kitchen. We thought we'd also have all three bathrooms completed and the outside deck... along with all sorts of smaller projects. Bwahahaha. Silly us.

Even though I'm not as engrossed in these projects as I used to be I still love to track them and to search for new ideas. I have folders of papers in the basement of room ideas, and tons of sites 'pinned' on Pinterest, and now I have House Talent.

OMG, why was this site not around when I lived in the duplex! In those days I took a ton of pictures, which I then printed out and put into a photo album. Bwhahaha. Seriously, times have changed. 10 years ago I totally would have proudly displayed my photo album to anyone interested in seeing the evolution of the deck I built, or the kitchen floor I put in, or the tiling job I did in the bathroom... Now I can display it here, but I can also use this super cool site where people are specifically looking for ideas or just wanting to track their projects. Why didn't I think of this creating this site? Well, I guess I didn't have to because a couple of local guys did.

What I love about the House Talent site is that it is easy to use, easy to search for other people's projects and easy to interact with others. You can follow other people, you can comment, you can make things your favorite.

Ok, I will admit when they first went live they asked me to test it out and compensated me a bit (this task confirmed that I love quality assurance type tasks. Who knew all these years that I would totally dig that stuff). At any rate, they did not ask me to post anything about the site here, but I've been meaning to do so for some time. Actually, I've already been talking to people about it because I think it's so cool... and one of them even posted her kitchen remodel. (Ben, I still want to see your kitchen - this would be the perfect spot to display. Hint, hint.)

Anyhoo, I know this might not be that exciting to others who aren't into remodeling. Sure there are a lot of places I can find inspiration, but it's fun to see the process. How do people get from point A to point B when changing a room? What creative ideas do others have? I love making something fresh and new from something old... and being able to say "I did that" and to see what other people do gives me inspiration for the next project.

Speaking of next projects...we are in the midst of making some additional, yet small changes to our bedroom. Husband created these two representations of our bedroom (including Diablo, the cat, on the bed for accuracy, of course) to help me decide on how to repaint the walls.

We just painted it this past weekend and have some additional details to finish (I'll post pictures later and of course, be putting this on House Talent). Which one do you think we went with?

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