Saturday, May 4, 2013

Easter 2013

My Easter post.


Easter kind if got the shaft this year (my Easter post that is) because of the whole computer upgrade, photo's being lost, the very manual process of retrieving them, and waiting for Photoshop and Bridge to be installed back on the computer. Instead of retrieving the pictures I would have been posting this... and once everything was set with the computer I started posting other things. So yes, I realize Easter was forever ago, but I am going to post about it because it did happen and I might want to look back on it one day. Nothing too exciting happened and the pictures aren't that great, but IT HAPPENED.

A few days before Easter we colored eggs. I acquired an egg coloring kit from somewhere. Not sure where, but best bet is I found it at my dad's house. I know I had it last year, but figured Riley was too young to get the whole egg coloring thing so I waited until this year to use it.

Luckily, waiting a year didn't make much of a difference since the box suggested it not be used after 1998. Yes, 1998. I debated for a split second to not use it, but I had already talked the egg coloring process up with the kid so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. 

Turns out everything was fine. With this kit you put the egg in a plastic bag and squirt some of the color in and squish it around. No vinegar or water needed. Super easy and fast and the eggs came out with vibrant colors. Riley was pretty excited and even wanted to eat one even though she doesn't like hard boiled eggs. She daintily ate a few bites of the egg white and then essentially ordered me to eat the rest. 

Just as I thought.

The night before Easter I planned to hide plastic eggs filled with crackers and letters (it's a tradition, I guess) and hang some empty plastic eggs from somewhere (ceiling, lights...). I finally decided to do all of this (with Jesse helping) after 10 pm. Great planning, poor execution (as in... I should have done it before my bedtime). Getting that yarn into those tiny holes on the eggs took far longer than I hoped and I found myself getting to bed an hour later than usual.

Last year the weather was super nice so we did the Easter egg hunt outside midday, but this year we had the never ending winter so we got Riley up and put her to work finding the eggs right away. And this sort of turned out to be breakfast too since many of the eggs had crackers in them. Win win.

I debated about getting a basket for her since she gets one from grandma and grandpa, but I grabbed this inexpensive one and filled it with just a few things. It is really hard to find non candy items, but I did find this cool egg shaped sidewalk chalk which was a huge hit.

Smile or silly face? I can't quite remember.

No interest what so ever with the egg hunt, but the other cat was totally underfoot.

After a successful egg hunt Riley and Lucy naturally sat in the window and watched all the birds who were like "WTF, it's Easter. Why is there all this snow on the ground?"

After a little bird watching we got dressed and headed to grandma and grandpa's house. Of course, there was another egg hunt. This time with candy, but also some with money. Nice thinking. She likes adding coins to her piggy bank jars so I will have to remember to add the coin thing into the cracker and letters mix for next year. In fact it might have to replace the letters, because she might not be in love with letters like she is this year. And crackers? Who doesn't love crackers?

Instead of a traditional basket, grandma and grandpa hid gifts around the house along with the plastic eggs. She got a number of things including the matching game below and some Play-Doh. I also don't totally get why we give gifts at Easter. I don't remember this happening when I was a kid, but that might just be because I am getting old and can't remember that far back. Wait, I do remember getting one hollow chocolate bunny to eat. And I am pretty sure when I was a kid I hunted for colored hard boiled eggs around the house - not chocolate filled plastic ones. Once found they went into a bowl that sat out on the table all week. That had to smell nice.

I took a lot more pictures at the grandparents house than displayed, but so many were blurry. Just imagine Riley holding up a different colored egg in each one with a huge grin on her face. There were some other family member that joined us for food and company that day. So much wonderful food and good company. 

We lazed around watching TV (Jesse getting in his HGTV fix here) before heading home to wrap up another holiday.

Happy Easter!... even if it is over a month late.

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