Thursday, May 9, 2013

Red Wing again!

A couple weekends ago when we were in Red Wing for our anniversary we bought a new dresser. I'm lucky enough to know a couple people that have trucks so we secured the usage of one (my dad's) and decided to do a day trip with Riley to go pick up our new dresser. We figured there were some things (like trains) that she would enjoy seeing, and I wanted to check out the pottery stuff that I didn't get to see when we were last there. So on Sunday we headed off to Red Wing. We made a quick stop at my dad's to swap vehicles and off we went.

Riley really, really wanted to see a blue train while we were there which happened to be the only 'color' we saw on any of the trains. Phew! She was talking about blue trains for days prior.

We walked down to the river (which I didn't seem to take any pictures of and which was very high) and found a walking path and some points of interest like this statue.

Riley imitating the statue.

After getting the dresser, and wandering around town we stopped for breakfast at the St. James just as we did when we were here a couple weeks ago. One of the staff members did a magic trick where he pulled a red light out of Riley's ear and put it up his nose multiple times. The expression on her face was along the line of 'mind blown'. It was a fun, unexpected moment.

After food we decided to stop at the Pottery Mall. I anticipated pottery stores to be there, but no, not really. We did see the pottery museum in there and bought a book for Riley for a dollar at an antique store, but not what I expected. 

We headed back a bit before lunch so we could get home in time for nap time. Nothing too exciting, but I nice little get away. It's not that far of a drive so I can see ourselves coming back from time to time in the future.

And maybe next time we'll actually stop at a store that sells pottery.

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