Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Treasure Hunt and other random things

Now that the weather seems to finally feel more like spring we've been spending more time outside. We mostly play with sidewalk chalk, play in the play house, or go to the park at the end of the block which are all fun, but I wanted to find something new to entertain Riley (and myself). Thanks to Pinterest I came across a treasure hunt idea. It wasn't anything complicated - mostly finding items and shapes easily found in nature. Tonight, after dinner, I explained to Riley what the treasure hunt was and we headed out the door.

I brought the camera thinking she might find it fun to take a picture of each item, but for some she wanted to be in the picture so that's what we did. We made a pit stop at the park in the middle of it, but Riley easily left the park to finish the hunt.

So there were some repeat items that fulfilled more than one category, but it was fun to see her trying to find each of these items. I think this is a game that will last for some time as we can switch up the items and add more challenging elements to it. Plus, she can learn from it and become more aware of her surroundings. 

Another thing we often do with Riley is give her choices. This choice option has sorta become a game. It's partly about making conversation, but I think it helps her think. She used to always say "I don't know" even when she did know the answer so this has helped her actually give us an answer in many instances. We'll 'test' Riley on random items. She knows her colors and shapes, but sometimes we'll be somewhere and I'll say "is that a square or a triangle". In turn, she has been doing this to us a lot the last couple weeks "Mommy, is this a shirt or pants?", "Mommy, is this purple or yellow?" She knows the answer, but is just doing what we do. It's entertaining for both of us especially when I give the wrong answer.

This kid has been also been saying the funniest and sweetest things. Here's just a taste:

~ (I'm on the floor playing with Riley. My shirt has risen up a bit and my lower back is exposed)

Riley: Mommy, your butt is getting out (as she pulls down my shirt).

~ (As we are leaving the gym, Riley turns to me and points to my yoga mat)

Riley: What's that?
Me: That's my yoga mat.
Riley: Oh, we gonna put it on the floor in the basement and step on it? (Ha - yup, that's exactly what we do on it - when I do yoga at home it's in the basement and I've shown her some moves. She does a mighty fine downward dog).

~ (and my favorite which she's been saying a lot lately)

Riley: Mommy, I missed you today (heart swells - I missed you too kiddo).

So there you have it - a whole bunch of random. Such is our life.

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