Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is clearly here. The cooler days, the leaves changing... I'm not one to normally embrace Fall. It's not that I don't like it - I do, but I prefer long, sunny summer days when I know that winter isn't right around the corner. When the weather turns and the leaves start to fall all I can think of is that it's going to be cold and snowy in a very short amount of time. 

Having a kid helps me enjoy this time of year more and I find myself doing things that I didn't really do pre-kid such as checking out apple orchards and pumpkin patches. We went to an apple orchard a few weeks ago and hit up the pumpkin patch this weekend. Both weekends were cool and rainy, but now that it's officially Fall I seem to accept the weather more than I did a few weekends ago.

On Saturday we happened to meet my in laws for lunch. They decided to take Riley overnight and we made plans to get pumpkins together the next day (and Jesse and I got an impromptu date night where we got to see Gravity in 3D at the movie theater and then check out a new frozen yogurt place by our house - yay!). We knew we wanted to go to a pick your own pumpkin place as Riley seems really interested in the concept of gardening. We figure it's good for her to understand where food comes from.

My mother in law, Suzie, suggested Peter's Pumpkins & Carmen's Corn. Unfortunately, it was either raining or drizzling the entire time we were there so we didn't get to do the hay ride or actually go out into the pumpkin patch. Riley was still able to see the patch from where we were so there was at least that. We picked out two big pumpkins and two little ones at Riley's request.

Pumpkin patch in the back 

White pumpkins!

This place also sells other items and apparently has a pick your own flower season. We picked up some apples and jam while there and I wish I knew they had eggs as I would have grabbed some of those too. I would totally go back to this place. It wasn't huge, and although we didn't get to take full advantage of it because of the weather, I found it rather charming. I can't wait to check it out again next year. 

Thank you Riley for humoring me.

I've been playing with my camera a bit and took the pictures below of Riley in one of her new outfits. I am sort of excited to put her in some new fall weather appropriate clothes. She's never that picky about what she wears so I was sort of excited when she picked out the boots below. They are part of her school picture ensemble (school pictures are coming up this Wednesday!), but she was so excited about them I let her wear them early. Anyhoo, the rest of this post is mostly a photo dump to show off more pictures of my kid. 

And here are a few more pictures taken in the last couple weeks when the weather was a little warmer.


Making grass angels

Ok, I'll stop with the pictures now. Besides, with this cool weather it seems like the perfect night to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, glass of wine and some TV.


  1. Love the outfits and that pumpkin patch looks awesome. Just this weekend, Annie was in tears over the following: 1) having to a wear a sweater (new) over a plain white undershirt because then people "couldn't see the front AND THE BACK" of her shirt. 2) (this is a common occurrence right now) having to wear leggings under a dress "but the dress COVERs my undies" - and then she told me she was just going to roll the leggings all the way up so you couldn't see them (which she does frequently) and she actually sobbed about this. I tell her repeatedly we live in Minnesota so leggings are just a must. Oh child.

    1. Oh Annie.. Kids are so interesting - why they get so into something (or not into it) sometimes baffles me. I have to say though, Annie is one stylin' little girl.


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