Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

This year Riley requested to be a butterfly for Halloween. We were all set after picking up some pink long underwear at Target and wings and a tutu at a traumatic visit to Party City. This store is waaaay too scary at Halloween for an easily spooked kid like Riley.

School encouraged costumes so we took a couple pictures before we left... (and I'm just noticing now that I put her wings on upside down. Whoops.)

Riley's school posted pictures from the 'party' they had...

And then grandma came over and we went trick or treating...

You can tell that's a cat silhouette, right? Jesse insisted it looked like something else.

Spooky house that Riley won't go near, but these people were so sweet they brought candy to Riley.

We went for a block or so and Riley said she wanted to go home and get candy from her dad who was at home handing out candy to other kids. We actually had to force her to stop at more houses on the way home. I'm glad we did because it reminded me how wonderful other people can be. They were just so great with my girl.

Ringing the doorbell to get her dad's attention

Waiting patiently

She was allowed to have one treat tonight and she selected the one that she got from her dad...

And then gave grandma some love before going to bed...

Happy Halloween!

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