Friday, February 13, 2015

Project 52 - Loss - Week 6


This week started out on a high note with Riley's birthday, but quickly went downhill when our cat, Diablo, passed away the next day. I will write more about him soon, but I'm pretty heartbroken right now. Initially, I was going to post one of the pictures I took of Riley playing with the balloon on her birthday, but in the end I felt like I wanted to take a picture that really represented our loss. Remnants of Diablo are everywhere and I catch my breath every time I see one of his toys or his favorite water dish or realize how quiet it is around the house without him purring or snoring away.

We gave Diablo the above refillable catnip toy at Christmas. He loved these things and would destroy them pretty fast. In his last few days he seemed to spend more time with this toy even though we just gave him a new one. I'm hoping it brought him comfort in some way. I know this is just a picture of a beat up toy, but there is so much emotion tied to it for me. It is what this week is about - torn, empty, alone...we miss him greatly, and I know with time the heartache will ease.

I hope that he has all the catnip he could desire where ever he is now.

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