Saturday, February 7, 2015

Project 52 - Week 5

My girl is turning 5 on Monday so it only seems appropriate that she be the focus of this week's project 52 (but honestly, she'll probably be the focus for many of these weeks). She decided to 'pretend' read some of Jesse's books to me today while we were hanging out in my bedroom and I decided to take her picture. She often likes to make silly faces when I pull out the camera so it was nice to catch some moments of her mellow side.

Riley and I were recently talking about a friend of her's at school. She declared to me one day that Keegan was her boyfriend. I suspected that she was fond of him when she insisted on giving him a hug, and only him, one day when I picked her up from preschool. A couple weeks later she shared that she and Keegan often talk on the playground. I asked her what they talk about and she shared that he told her that his cat puked all over his stuff and that he has a dog too. I asked if she told him she has a couple cats (who seem to puke daily lately) and she said "no, I told him I wanted to marry Eric when I grow up". Of course you did.

That would be Ariel's Prince Eric in case you weren't fluent in Disney. I clarified that since Eric and Ariel were already married she would have to marry someone else. She noted that he had to be handsome like Eric. "Maybe I'll meet him while I am out on a walk." she shared. I asked if she wanted her future husband to be funny (since I love that quality in Jesse) and she seemed unconvinced that she really wanted that. Handsome was quality number one and she couldn't seem to see that future husband could be anything else. "So do you want him to be handsome and funny like your dad?" I asked. To which she replied "more handsome than dad, but not as funny." She was very serious about this whole conversation and held it in a way that made me feel like she aged by years. When there was a gap in the conversation she even said "don't you want to ask me more questions?" Haha, yes I do.

Before having a kid I thought I was a 'baby' person, but turns out I really love this age. She's such a little person - still taking in so much of the world around her, but already so knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to many more of these conversations (and would like to think that she'll expand her qualifications for her future husband).

Might as well show you some of the other pictures from today too...

Such giant feet, this one.

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  1. Such a funny story about Eric :) I love probing Tory about conversations with school friends, just enough to hear what comes out of her mouth. The logic of preschoolers is too funny sometimes!


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