Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Project 52 - Perspective - Week 8


Today I had a couple doctor appointments and thought it would be a good opportunity to capture that part of my life. I probably go to the doctor more than the average person so it seems like it should be represented in this project in some way. I also thought it might be a way to challenge myself in another way - to ask to take a picture where I normally wouldn't. I was getting injections for my migraines and thought that it would be interesting to get a picture of the needles. Now I just had to work up the courage to ask my doctor if she didn't mind... but my doctor got into the office late and was all rushed and I was already faltering in my strength to ask. Apparently, I should be doing the 100 strangers project because I need to gain more confidence when it comes to asking people if I can take their picture (ugh, and it wasn't even that I wanted my doctor in the picture). I didn't take the picture, although I had taken some pictures in the lobby that I thought I might share, but decided to go a completely different route.

Also, on a side note my second doctor appointment ran super late as well. I read an entire Arthritis Today magazine front to back (my only other option was Golf and since I no longer have a smartphone I didn't have that to entertain me) and I watched people go in and out except for one lady who happened to be seeing the same doctor as myself. It's not the first time I've had to wait a long time at the doctor and there's a point in time that I start texting Jesse all sorts of nonsense about people in the waiting room. Jesse now calls this my 'tales from the waiting room' series since it's happened enough.

I had the rest of the day off so I used some of this time to play around with my camera. There's a project 52 that I have been following and the theme this week was 'perspective' so I thought I would try it out. I took a bunch of picture of various items in my house, but I kept coming back to these bright pencils.

It's not hard to find bright things with a kid in the house, but I have to admit the pencils were mine before I ever had a child. Glad Riley is actually putting them to better use than I did. Riley's quite the artist these days so perhaps printing a series like this would be a good addition to her bedroom whenever we redo it.

This was a fun project, but now if I could just work up the guts to take a picture of a stranger, or in the doctors office... or in any situation that makes me uncomfortable.

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  1. Agree - these photos would be really neat framed on a wall in Riley's room. Or a playroom :)


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