Thursday, July 30, 2015

Project 52 - Back Light - Week 30


A couple years ago all Riley wanted to do was go outside. Now I feel like I have to force her. It's too hot, there are bugs, there's no TV... *sigh*

The other day I forced her outside and we blew bubbles and actually had fun so I decided to practice taking pictures of bubbles. But Riley loves to pop all the bubbles so I had a hard time getting a shot before she plowed through them. Oh well, she was having fun.

Instead I decided to try a new technique I read about when taking a picture with back light. I shoot in manual and use the in camera meter to determine my settings. I'll meter off the face, but when you have bright back light it makes the face dark even though your camera might be telling you it's right on. Take this straight out of camera picture for example...

Her face is way too dark for my liking. I read that you want to raise your exposure as high as you can without blowing out the face (take a picture and then check your screen viewer with the 'blinkies' on. Raise you exposure and as long as they aren't on the face you are good.) Your background will be blown out, but that's not so important. I tried it again and here's the result straight out of camera...

Better, right? I still need to do some tweaking to this process, but am really excited to have learned something new and useful. I then did some editing in Lightroom and Photoshop and ended up with this...

So the moral of the story is that you can't always trust your camera. Play around with your settings and don't give up when something doesn't turn out quite right. You'll get it eventually - it took me years to figure this out... and so glad I did.

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