Friday, July 17, 2015

Project 52 - Family Fun Night - Week 28


Riley's preschool has a Family Fun Night each summer which is usually outside, but due to rain we were relegated to the school cafeteria. It was a lot of fun, just like last year, but this time Riley didn't cling to me the entire time. She can get that way, but last year she was especially clingy.

This year she was initially reluctant to advance toward the dance floor until she was sure she saw one of her friends. Only two of her classmates showed up, but she did see some kids from her class last year (that are younger than her) and her favorite teacher ever who is also from her class last year.

Dancing, games, and all around fun was had. Many necklaces were 'caught' as the DJ was throwing them left and right. We brought a picnic dinner (Jimmy John Jones as Riley likes to call it) and an ice cream truck came at the end.

Riley and her friends, Greyson and Sarah, from her class won the 'toilet paper' contest which totally made their night. Greyson's mom was an awesome 'model' for this event.

Actually, I think the highlight of the night was when the DJ played I Like to Move it and Riley totally lost it like she was an awestruck teen at a New Kids on the Block concert in the 90's... screeching in a high pitch tone "I LOVE THIS SONG" over and over. The hysteria had reached it's peak with this one.

Side note: Riley caught me taking her picture and ran over to see what I captured, and then her friend came to see, and then some other kids all started running over to see the pictures. Lol. So vain, these kids.

This will be our last Family Fun Night at this school and most of her friends are heading off to different schools in the fall, but I'm sure we'll be participating in many more of these types of events at her new school with her new friends. I can't wait to see how these sorts of things excite her in the future.

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