Thursday, July 2, 2015

Project 52 - Public Places - Week 26


My Luxembourg family is coming this week! That would be my husband's brother and his wife and their two boys. We are very excited and in prep mode... cleaning the house, getting a new comforter for the guest room, hanging pictures, and finishing up outside projects that have been on the list. Nothing like having visitors to light a fire under you to get things done.

They'll stay at our house for part of the visit and at my in laws for part so I wanted to make sure that we'll have more than our usual amount of food. I went shopping this week and decided that I would test myself again in terms of taking pictures in public... where you normally wouldn't do so. I almost forgot as I was so into checking off my grocery list, but remembered while I was in the second to last aisle. Luckily no one was there, although the true test would have been to whip out the camera in the produce aisle in front of other shoppers. Not sure I'm that brave yet.

Also, taking a picture at Target is probably a large representation of our life since we're here at least once a week.

We don't have any big plans while they are here except to watch the fireworks. My in laws live off of Prior Lake so I'm sure there will be some boat time as well. Riley has been absolutely freaked out by fireworks in the past, but last year I got her to actually watch them a little from her bedroom window. She says she's ready this year, but we'll see how it goes. We'll be bringing headphones and have an escape plan in place. She's usually more open to these things when her cousins are around so who knows... maybe she'll be a champ.

Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll have a blast with our visitors in town. I can't wait until they arrive!

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