Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project 52 - Letters - Week 42


It's amazing how interesting an item is when it's been hidden away for awhile and then is put it in the donate pile. Riley doesn't need a lot of practice writing letters, but she was content this past Saturday morning to write her uppercase and lowercase letters for a significant amount of time once she found out we were going to give these books away.

I'm usually a get up and go person, but I do like an easy going morning from time to time (especially since I am still fighting this virus). Actually, I did get up and go this morning and then needed a break. So while Riley was busy doing this, I laid on the couch and watched some wild animal shows on TV. We chatted about the animals and she started drawing pictures along side her letters.

Later, Riley would be heading off to her grandparents for the weekend so it was nice to just hang out and chat. The rest of the weekend was busy with yard work and some additional maintenance on my rental, but Jesse and I did get the opportunity to go out to lunch by ourselves and we even went to a movie.

When Riley returned from her grandparents we ran off to a birthday party for a new (boy) friend from kindergarten. Peyton was having a shared party with his best (girl) friend from preschool. His mom told me that he came home from school one day and told her that he thought he'd done something bad because he made friends with a girl. Apparently, he thought he could only have one girl friend. Lol.  Oh, and later when the kids were scrambling to sit down at the table for treats, Peyton kept looking around and when he finally eyed Riley he ran towards her and tried to find them seats next to each other. And to think, this all started because Riley shared some toys with him on the first day of school. Kids are so cute.

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