Friday, October 9, 2015

Project 52 - School Pictures - Week 40


Riley had her school pictures Wednesday. I decided to order a package even though Jesse said he'd rather just have me take pictures of her. I know school pictures aren't all that great, but I still wanted that documentation.

Of course, I still took pictures of her. We were a little rushed in the morning and she wasn't really cooperating, but it was understandable since it was cold out. Luckily, she allowed me to take pictures of her after dinner. She still wasn't that into it, but eventually relaxed - especially when I got her to jump in the air.

I take pictures of her all the time, but am glad I got these because Thursday she fell in gym class playing with the parachute and has a huge bump on her forehead. Huge. Poor kiddo.

Thursday, we also had school conferences which I almost cancelled because of the bump incident, but she seemed to bounce back pretty fast. We know she's a well behaved and smart kid, but it was nice to hear it from her teacher. She's at the top of the class with her reading skills and tends to be quiet. No surprises there. Her teacher said she's going to continue to challenge her and it felt very gentle and encouraging which was nice (I remember being yelled at by Sister Mary as a kid to be louder - it was not comforting, at all).

I'm proud of this girl and how well she's adjusting. She's making friends and learning all sorts of new things. I'm excited to see how she grows throughout the year.

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