Thursday, February 18, 2016

Project 52 - Geologist - Week 7


Riley's always been a little varied in her interests... she started out slightly more tomboy, if you will, and then was all about princess, but now she seems to have fallen somewhere in the middle. As for her birthday gifts, one her her favorites was a flowy flower print dress, but she was also into a couple of her more science focused gifts like this one for crystal mining.

It was nice to see that she had some patience to dig away at this block. It a little hard to chip away at for a 6 year old, but luckily Jesse and I were just as interested in this task and willing to help. We're still a long way from getting all the crystals out, but the incremental success we've had has kept us going as a family on this task.

What ever brings us together... and I love to see her learn through experience. Who knows where her interests will fall when she's older, but for now I love her openness to explore different things and expand her knowledge.

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