Thursday, February 4, 2016

Project 52 - Winter Fun - Week 5


Riley was recently invited to her friend, Mason's birthday party. It was a Star Wars themed, sledding party at the park we had Riley's party at last year. We planned to drop her off and walk to a nearby coffee shop to read our books, but our girl was hesitant to sled by herself at first. Eventually, she worked up the courage to go on her own and by that time it was fun to stay and watch her whip down the hill. The snow was a little icy which aided the sleds in sailing fast... and led them practically into the frozen pond at the bottom of the hill.

 It was fun... for us all, really. Makes me wish we had three sleds instead of one. The day after I took these, the snow pretty much all melted, but we just had a big snow and winter is far from over so I imagine we'll be back sledding again soon.

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