Monday, June 13, 2016

Last day of Kindergarten

Dear Riley,

Friday was your last day of kindergarten. I'm not sure how that happened as it it seems like you were just starting school yesterday, but here we are. You're older and I'd say wiser. You've learned a lot in this past year, made new friends, and experienced all sorts of firsts.

It seems impossible that you could look so much more grown up, but you do. I'm not sure I would have realized how much had it not been for these pictures. In the fall, I didn't think you had much 'baby' in your face, but now I see it in the pictures. Now you look like a little girl - I see more and more the woman you'll become, not only in looks, but in personality.

You can be quiet at school and in groups, but you talk and sing nonstop when with dad and I and your grandparents. You have a huge heart and care deeply about your family. You always want to do what's right, and sometimes you beat yourself up a little too much when you don't think it's just so. We try to assure you that it's ok, and while I don't think I act that way in front of you, I see myself (or my younger self) in that same behavior. You are goofy in the best kind of way (I'm going to credit your dad mostly for that) and you make us laugh daily.

The last day of school was a happy day for all of us, but I think you were especially happy. While you'll still go to child care each day, you know it will be less work and more play. I know you are looking forward to that break, but I know that you will still do what you can to keep learning. You are as inquisitive as most kids your age. Your favorite thing to do (besides the Kindle) is to read and I look forward to all the books we might read together over the summer.

(And then all the excitement caused you to sneeze...)

You have many dreams for the future. At the beginning of the school year, you aspired to be a princess which slowly evolved to a swim teacher, a singer, and eventually an author. You still fluctuate in what you think the future will hold, but you seem to take the author suggestion quite seriously since it was suggested by your teacher.

We enjoyed eating lunch with you at your school today along with all the other parents on your last day. Dad and I will have to make sure to do this more often with you since you enjoy it so. I love that you are at the stage where you love spending time with us so I want to soak that up as much as possible. I hear there's a day that won't be so true. 

As we waited for you to get off the bus on your last day I had a bittersweet realization... this year we had to be at the bus stop when you were dropped off, but next year they'll let you off on your own. I'm ok with that since I can see you from the kitchen window, but it's a tradition we, or mostly your dad, quickly adapted to. Who knows, you might still find us waiting at your stop next year.

This year reminded me of how fast time goes and how well you adapt. I know you aren't always comfortable with change, but you are strong and willing to try... and trust us when we say that you will like school. And you did. A lot. I know that you will love your summer, but I'm sure you will be excited to start first grade in the fall.

As always, I was very proud of you this year. I can't wait for what the next year will bring.

Love you kiddo,


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