Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Project 52 - Summer! - Week 25


Last week was a busy one. We came back early from our camping trip and then worked off and on as we took care staying home with Riley since she didn't have child care. We had swim and gymnastics lessons, we went to the farm for a day, there was a dentist visit, and Riley and Jesse went to see a movie (Finding Dory). I had to work on Saturday which was no fun even though I only worked 3 days this week. It was a full week so it was nice to top it off with a relaxing night running through the sprinkler. I even had my go at it (well, I got my hair wet, but that felt fantastic since it was so warm out).

This night felt especially like summer. Riley fell on the stairs, her foot came down on the ball, and she bonked her head on the table, but she got up after each one and kept playing. She's already full of bruises (she bruises easily on her legs just like me) from all her outside play. And baths are pretty much a nightly thing right now.

Riley regularly asks me to take a picture of her and send it to grandma as she did with the flowers above. I don't always remember which pictures to send, but seeing I post them here and some on Facebook, I figure grandma sees them one way or another. Last week, Riley switched things up and asked me to post a picture to Facebook. Apparently, she now has a good understanding of what that means, but I had to laugh when she made the request. The other day I was clarifying what Instagram is so perhaps that will be included in the next request. Apparently, sharing pictures only with grandma isn't enough anymore.

Each summer the sprinkler seems less and less intimidating to Riley so I'm sure we'll bring it out more this year. We have a number of things planned this summer, but hope most of them include being outside.

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