Thursday, August 18, 2016

Project 52 - My Little Performer - Week 33


This past week I finished up my Capturing Imagery with Purpose photography course. One of the things we worked on was getting a silhouette or a semi-silhouette. I've tried this in the past, but never loved them. I wasn't quite sure what my settings should be, and while I'd get it close, I never got what I wanted. Riley was nice enough to help me out one morning while she was singing and dancing around and I love them. My only wish was that I had a wider lens or the room was bigger so I could sit back farther. I love the dark moodiness of the blacks mixed with the bright sun. This also ties in nicely with the other class I am in, Light Seekers. This course isn't as intensive, but it's teaching me to embrace many types of light.

So yeah, Riley and her singing... she's always singing. Always. Singing. I don't even notice it half the time anymore because it's a constant background noise I've gotten used to. There are times I've asked her to stop because I have a migraine or something and she usually understands, but you can tell she's a little crushed. It's hard for her to not sing. In fact, she's singing in the next room as I write this. Oh, and you can't forget to clap when she preforming specifically for you. Man, this kid is going to have an ego. At any rate, it wasn't only silhouettes that I wanted to capture here, but I wanted to capture this thing about her... the emotion, everything, because it's SO her right now.

My fav

And then I changed my settings to capture more light on my little performer..

"Mom, there's diamond light coming out of my head!"

I should probably take a break from these classes, but I'm already looking at some editing classes and maybe even a video class (I so want to put one of my "day in the life's" into a video). I can't wait to learn more and hope that Riley doesn't get sick of me taking her picture all the time. She can sing and dance as much as she wants.

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