Thursday, August 25, 2016

Project 52 - Mommy and Riley time - Week 34


Riley and I headed out to a local park recently with the hope of catching a performance at the amphitheater. They have shows there every Wednesday and Thursday night during the summer and we were going to try to catch the second to last one. We got there early and played on the new playground, checked out the ducks at the pond, avoided the killer geese, and caught a small bit of the show which was a bit like a talent show.

It was bedtime so we didn't stick around that long for the show - it was okay, but the real fun was when we were at the pond so that's where most of these pictures are from. I've spent a lot more time with Riley this summer, keeping her up later than usual, at local parks. Granted some of it was to practice for the photo class I was in, but it was also to get her outside and enjoy as much as the summer as possible. It was a nice side benefit that most of these were just mommy and daughter time. It's nice to get that one on one time with my girl.

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