Thursday, September 22, 2016

Project 52 - Girl's Night - Week 38


When Riley found out that Jesse was going on his annual 'Boys Weekend' cabin trip, she immediately turned to me and asked if we could go get frozen yogurt while dad was gone. Sounded like a good idea to me so we planned it for after school on Friday.

Bur first Riley, went on a little play date with our neighbor across the street. Our neighbor just started kindergarten at the same school Riley is at so there have been numerous play dates after school either at our house or their house. It's fun to see them connect and have a little play time after school.

Then we were off to Park Yogurt...

We walked past the senior high school and Riley asked if this will be the school she attends when she's a teenager. I explained that it probably will be unless we move. We talked about how cool it will be to have a school right around the corner from our house.

When we got to the yogurt place we saw a friend's dad and brother and then talked to another family who happened to be in Oregon in the spring. They noticed that Riley had on the same I <3 OR shirt that their daughter and it triggered our conversation.

Our yogurt place is right across from the high school football field so we walked over there while the teams were warming up.

They recently made some updates at the field and I'm guessing the sound system was one of them. The music was loud and clear, and later when we walked away from the field I felt sorry for the families that live right across the street as there was no way their babies could sleep through that and I'm sure there were a number of dogs hiding in basements. It was annoyingly loud. On top of that, the music seemed a little inappropriate.  And yes, I know I sound old, but that music isn't fit for the youngins' ears.

After taking pictures of the opposing team, we crossed the street to go back home when I heard "aunt Jo!". I look over and my niece (who I did recent senior pictures for) was leaning out the back window of a car on her way to see her high school's football team play ours.

After saying our hello's and goodbyes Riley and I were on our way home. We decided to stop at the blue park at the end of our block for a few minutes. I didn't want to stay long as I still wanted to get some real food in Riley and follow it up with a bath, but a few minutes in, our neighbor friends showed up. We ended up staying far later than we planned, but the kids had fun so it was all worth it.

It felt like a night full of connections that we might not have normally had so it was fun to get out. I love the loop we take when we go to the frozen yogurt store as you never know what you will find or who you will run in to. It was worth having to skip a bath...

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