Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Project 52 - More park fun - Week 36


I'm a little late to posting these as I have been caught up in reliving my vacation to Oregon and Washington through editing pictures. I've also been trying to decide if I still want to post these weekly 52 project pictures. I will continue with the project, but I've also started a blog circle where I post 4 of my favorites from the month and will be participating in another blog circle that highlights Minnesota. You can check out this month's 'Explore Minnesota' circle by starting with Erin's blog here. I hope to join in next month (also, I have a number of place in MN I plan to explore, but am always open to suggestions - local or far).

At any rate, it's a lot and I know this blog has never felt that cohesive except it focuses a lot on my daughter and photography. I'd like to do a complete overhaul, but we'll see if that happens. In the meantime, I'm going to keep moving forward.

Riley and I checked out yet another park in our city. Justad park looks fairly new and has monkey bars so it was a win in Riley's book. She's been trying to master the monkey bar and was able to successfully get across these.

We've been making it a habit to bring a ball to the park as it's fun to throw it back and forth through tunnels, but this park even had an adjustable basket ball hoop. It was still a little tall for Riley, but she got pretty close to making a shot or two.

Yet another successful park trip. 13 parks down, 22 to go.

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