Saturday, September 3, 2016

Project 52 - 1st day of School - Week 35


Riley was supposed to start school on Monday, but we planned our vacation thinking that school wouldn't start until after Labor Day. Turns out we were wrong. I wasn't about to incur the fees to change our flights so we sent Riley to school on day 4. Last year, I would have freaked about this, but this time I didn't really care. I'm glad we didn't make any changes, and as far as I am concerned, our vacation had a lot of education opportunities that she wouldn't have had in school.

More to come on the vacation, but for now I can report that starting late didn't seem to impact her in the least. Riley was happy to see some of the school staff and her friends as I dropped her off. Her new teacher, Mrs. Thomas seems super nice and I'm confident that she'll have another good year.

Haha. I was trying to replicate a picture I took the last 2 years, but she complained that the sun was in her eyes.
I told her to close her eyes and then open them so I could snap a quick picture. This was the most natural one I got. 

I've informed her that dad and I are her homework buddies (the school asked us to establish this with her), but Riley told me she didn't need our help as everything is so easy. Ha. While I'm glad it's easy for her, I do hope that she is challenged throughout the year. I can't wait to see how she grows and the new friends she'll make.

Her school has 4 classes per grade and they mix the kids up from year to year. There are about 5 kids from her last class - some of which were her friends, but she's missing some of her other friends. Her closest friend moved and no longer goes to this school so I'm interested in who might fill that spot.

Riley gets her own desk this year which might have been the highlight of her first day. She thought this was the coolest thing.

It seems so weird to say I have a first grader since she was just a little toddler the other day. Wasn't she? Time is moving too fast!

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