Friday, September 30, 2016

Project 52 - Yet Another Park Visit - Week 39


Last Saturday started with a visit to the vet for a routine check in for our cat, Lucy. I brought Riley as she has expressed interest in taking care of cats when she's older and it only confirmed that she wants to be a vet when she's an adult (also a singer and an author and possibly a swim teacher). She did clarify that she wants to work with ONLY cats so there's that. Lucy, for the record has gained almost 4 lbs in the last 6 months (and that brought her up to her weight of a few years ago) which can't be good, but she stopped pooping all over the house so we are all ok with the weight gain.

We didn't have anything else planned that day, but Riley and I ended up at the gym (Jesse was working on the truck), stopped at a local park that we hadn't been to before, and had lunch at Jimmy John's together.

The park visit was a last minute stop and one I'm glad we made. My auntie Mugs' used to live across the street so I recall playing at this park as a kid. Of course the playground has been replaced a time or two since I was a kid (I'm pretty sure plastic slides did not exist when I was a kid - metal all the way), but it brought memories back of my visits to my aunt.

We brought Sophie the cat with us on our visit. Riley used her tooth fairy money to help pay for her so she's extra special (plus Riley's obsessed with cats right now), but Sophie already went missing at school (we got her back!) and has ripped in two separate places (she's been sewn up) so I'm not sure how long she'll last.

Rainbow park is such a confusing name for this park since there is another park in our neighborhood that we call the rainbow park because it actually has a metal rainbow above a bench (but has a different name). Certainly, a hard thing for a kid to wrap her head around.

Riley was almost more excited to eat at Jimmy Johns than go to the park. I don't blame her - we were hungry after running around at the gym and the playground.

After a full morning with just us girls, we had some family time with Jesse and went to see Storks. I was a good movie and a nice way to wrap up our day.

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