Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Baby Harlow

You guys, I have a new nephew (actually, I also have a new great niece and another nephew that were just born)! My brother and his wife asked me to take pictures of their little one and I was more than honored to do so. I drove down to their place when baby Harlow was a mere 4 days old. Get ready for an obnoxious amount of pictures, but I just couldn't help myself.

Harlow's big sister, Rowan, was reluctant to have her picture taken. Actually she refused, but after she saw me taking pictures of her cousin she agreed. However, she insisted on making a crabby face. I took a good 50 pictures before she started to loosen up, but eventually she was on board with having her picture taken.

Rowan like to "dance" with her eyebrows so it was something I asked to see often...

So honored to photograph this family... and excited to have a new newphew!


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