Thursday, November 10, 2016

Project 52 - November sun - Week 45


It's November. I figured that meant Riley and I were done with our exploration of local playgrounds, but apparently we're not. As I've noted before, my city has 35 parks... well, actually it has 51 parks, but 35 of them have playgrounds. Midway through the summer, we decided to explore past the few that we regularly visit and a quest was born. I knew this wouldn't be a quest we could finish this year, but we got a lot farther than I expected.

Saturday, was sunny and 70 and I worked most of the day, but once I was off work I decided we needed to get outside... so we headed off to park number 18... also known as Fern Hill. There is a Jewish school next to this park, but it was once a public school called Fern Hill. It's where I went to 1st grade. It was a short blip in my educational past, but still stands out as a part of my history so it was fun to visit this park.

We weren't the only ones at this park. It was a busy night and this area is surrounded by Jewish congregations. It was the Sabbath and many families were spending their time hanging out at the park. It was wonderful to see entire families (even teenagers!) spending time at the park, no cell phones... just hanging out together and having fun.

Eventually, Riley pulled me over to a field between the playground and the ball field and had me play a game where I copied her actions. She had me spinning and jumping and squatting and looking like a complete idiot, I'm sure, but it sure was fun. We  ended up at the ball field, which was dug up for some reason, and this entertained her for some time. The sun was soft and amazing and golden... and it was hard to not take a few (or more) pictures.

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