Monday, August 15, 2011

Staycation days 6 - 9

This week is going by so fast that I am already starting to forget the details from just a couple days ago. Let's see, what did we do Thursday?...


Riley was a little off and on this week so it's been all about keeping her busy when needed, and down for a nap when needed. We started off the day with a walk and a stop at the park.

After a nice big nap Riley woke up just in time for Jesse to walk in the door... and for me to leave for a massage. This was my little treat this week and so worth every minute of it.

After the massage we walked over to Oak Hill park where Jesse's company was having their annual picnic. Oak Hill park has a lot of green areas with pavilions and benches, but it also has a large playground, a separate toddler playground, and a splash pad. We hoped to play at the splash pad, but that didn't work out as it just got too late. Riley seemed to have an extra load of energy Thursday afternoon which was especially challenging after having such a relaxing massage. Jesse took her over to the playground to burn off some of that energy and the first thing she headed towards was this monstrous slide.

I wasn't sure how she would take to being so high up, but she loved it and insisted on going down it several times.

I then hopped on a swing with Riley and swang and swang and swang. It seemed a lot easier than running around the park after her and she seemed really content. While we were swinging Jesse was eating. I figured I would keep swinging with Riley until Jesse was done eating and then he could help feed her while I ate. Unbeknownst to me Jesse loaded his plate with enough food for all of us and kept eating and eating and eating... waiting for us to return.

I grabbed a hot dog to eat which I almost never do (except if it was an all beef, natural casing hot dog). I took one bite and remembered why I don't like regular ol' hot dogs. Riley has never had one at home, but I'm pretty sure she eats a fair amount of hot dogs and corn dogs at her daycare. Apparently she was starving because she couldn't eat my hot dog and watermelon fast enough. She would have a mouthful and still point to the hot dog and say "puppy". Ugh, I hope not kid, but cute that you think that's what a hot dog is called.


I work at an online University and we were holding commencement for our graduates this weekend. I had an opportunity to volunteer while learners checked in so I jumped at it. A normal day at work may entail helping learners navigate through challenging issues so it is nice to see them delighted to be at the end of their academic journey. I even got a hug from one of my learners that I have worked with extensively. I'm glad I went in for this experience on my week off.

After that Jesse, Riley and I headed over to see grandma Suzie and grandpa Michael for a little bit and then came home and watched a movie (Love and Other Drugs). It was a pretty low key day.


A old friend of mine was having a garage sale so it seemed like a good excuse to go see her. Life has kept us busy so we haven't hung out in forever. It was nice to see her (even if it was only for 15 minutes) and we got a few goodies for Riley. Thanks Stephanie!

Nothing else too exciting this day. Went to Target. Went on a walk. Played at the park. Grilled burgers and ate on the deck. Played with the water table. Took some pictures of Riley. Watched the Viking's preseason game once Riley went to bed. And that's about it.

Before Riley went to bed we spent some time in the spare bedroom. Riley likes to turn on the radio and the light and, if I'm in the room, get up on the bed (she needs my assistance). Unfortunately, you can't see in these pictures how she was rockin' out to the music (Love Shack, for one). She was banging her head up and down - that's my little rock star.

What button should I push next?


It took a little push on both our parts, but Jesse and I took Riley out for a bike ride in the morning. Strapped in her Burley she enjoyed her ride from our house, down the parkway, around Lake Calhoun, and back. It was about a 7 mile ride and impressively she kept her sunglasses on the whole time.

We stopped at the toddler playground near the lake where she was able to swing right next to the lake.

After her midday nap we went to the Rec Center Water Park. At first she seemed to really enjoy it, but after about an hour she had enough. I really didn't take any good pictures there so these will have to suffice.

Our brave little child headed right for the stairs for this water slide. Maybe in a few years sweetie!

You may be asking "where is the water?". Yeah, I said the picture weren't any good.  And, besides, when not taking the above pictures with my phone we were in the water enjoying it.


Back at work. Enough said. : (

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