Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Photo a Day Week 2

August Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


Not much to say about this except that the new glasses are working out fine. I've already had to replace one lens as it mysteriously got scratched. I later noticed they replaced it with a flawed lens, but never found the time to take it back. Bah. It's really slight so I'm not very motivated to deal with it.


My intention was to show how messy my desk at home was, but after taking the picture I realized the screen saver picture embraced this photo prompt as well. I'd like to say that my desk is usually nice and neat, but this picture shows it just slightly messier than it has been usually.


I was so busy with other things that I pretty much missed the entire first week of the Olympics. I'm not a die hard fan of the Olympics, but it's fun to watch the competitions and to be able to see the athletic talent of so many people.


Any parents out there know Miles the Crocodile? The book and CD is part of the Baby Loves Music series. Each book focuses on something different and Miles covers colors. Purple (the song) is a favorite with Riley.


It's a spoon. And slotted at that.


I have no idea if this was an intended picture for this prompt, but I only found pictures for this day of her running around with her ball. Simple? Sure, simple fun.


My little human arrow. Tuesday mornings we often go out for a walk and Riley makes sure to point which way she wants to go at each intersection. This morning I was feeling really crabby so I was especially wanting to get outside into the fresh air, but once we got a couple blocks from home Riley completely broke down. I have no idea what happened so I can only imagine that she was feeling my crabbiness even though I was trying my best not to let it out. Here she was probably also whining that she wanted to go home as she was pointing.

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