Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Photo a Day Week 4+

July Photo a Day Inspired by Fat Mum Slim


I bought this old mirror at a thrift store and have moved it from house to house. I even used it in a bathroom previously even though it is fogged over and inconsistent in places. Seeing that I'm not big on make-up, having a less than clear mirror in the bathroom didn't make much of a difference to me. I just liked the way it looked.

A stranger

Once upon a time my office was located a few blocks from where it is now. The ramp was nice and clean and I never had to worry about finding a spot. And it was just across the street by skyway so it was a short and protected walk. But the guy that worked the exit was, well, not nice. He never made eye contact, scowled a lot, and rarely said anything, but when he did it was in a rude tone.

When we moved offices a few years ago we also started using a different ramp. It is dark, scary, and often under construction. The spots are super small and it's a farther walk to get to it, but the guys that worked the exit were a vast improvement over the last ramp. They were nice enough, sometimes made eye contact, and usually said a word or two to you even if they were talking on their phones (like "hey").

But then came Cindy. Cindy consistently says "Hi, how are you today?", is never on the phone and always looks at you. Wow, what a breath of fresh air to be treated this way. It's pretty sad when I get excited that someone says these few simple words to me. I mean, this is standard customer service, right? Apparently not. Plus, the one day a week I drive to work tends to be a long one and I am pretty spent by the end of the day so these simple words are nice to hear. Thank you Cindy (and thank you for accommodating my photo request that I bombarded you with)!


I actually tried to get a picture of Riley with her hands in the shape of a heart, but that didn't really work out. I also tried capturing her crossing her arms across her chest when saying 'I love you', but in the end I picked this picture. No symbols, or hand gestures... things that don't come naturally. Just simply happy Riley. She makes my heart happy.


Almost went blind taking this picture. It's true that you shouldn't look directly at the sun.

On the road

This is my view from the bus as we head into downtown in the morning... except that it doesn't usually look like the city is on fire (that's what happens when you use the cross process effect on your pictures). I actually rarely see this as I usually have my head buried in a book.


We finally went to REI and bought Riley her own Camelbak water bottle. It was clear that I would never get to use mine again until she had one of her own... and she loves it.

Last thing you bought

Since I was preparing for new renters at my rental property I figured it was time for a new faucet in one of the units and the other needed a new AC unit. Plus, we did a lot of other things to prepare the property like weeding and patching the holes in the sidewalk. Hopefully, the place is set for awhile and that the renters I selected are as great as I am hoping they will be.


I had to drive to work this day because I had to run to my rental property after work, and then I got to meet up with a friend. I don't get to drive in car very often with out the kid so it was kind of nice to be able to listen to my own music. Riley HAS to listen to her music in the car and if a song comes on that she doesn't like she immediately freaks out. We've been trying to teach her how to calmly ask for different music, but she doesn't seem to get it. I don't even know what grown ups listen to anymore, but I was delighted to hear a classic from back in the day. With the window open, no kid whining in the back seat, and listening a song that brought me peace, I found my calm for the day.


Riley's gotten really good about brushing her teeth... although not really good at brushing her teeth, but she'll let me get in there and brush them for her. I love when we are going through our nightly ritual and I will ask her "what do we do next?" and she exclaims "tootbrush!"

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  1. I love driving in the car with no kids - I do it daily to and from work, and I really do try to just enjoy the silence of those 15 minutes!


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