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What Do You Do And Why? - Angela

What do you do and why?


I met Angela during graduate school (MA in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy) over 10 years ago.  I think we both knew that we wanted to be in a helping field, but walked away from the program still not sure if that was exactly what we wanted to do.  We both attempted to work in the field, but dipped our toes in other areas as well (Angela is also an amazing artist). When I was looking to make a change from working at an Adoption Agency she suggested I come work at her company (where I still work). We both worked as Academic Advisors for some time, but life in a cubicle was not the place for Angela as she had a bigger calling… and was lucky enough to find it. Read on to discover more about her current journey.

1. What do you do?

I am living my dream life J  It took me a long time to get here.  Now that I am here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  I am my own boss.  I plan my week, whether or not, I generate and actualize income, lays on the responsibility of me.  I enjoy that though.  I provide coaching, and Access Bars sessions to clients both via phone and in person.  I also facilitate classes, which I love.  I am building a business that works for me, including having the ability to travel around the world.  Is it always easy?  No...however, it is a lot easier for me, than being stuck in a place, that didn’t work for me.  Nurturing my soul with a work setting, has been an amazing gift of freedom for me.  I am so grateful!

2. Why did you choose to do this? Have you always wanted to do this? Did you fall into this career or actively take steps to get here? Did you choose it or did it choose you? 

I have always been on a journey in the empowering and inspiring others field.  I have also always known that this would best suite me, if I was self employed.  All my background supports what I am creating and generating in my business.  During those steps, I had no idea what I was going to do with it all though.  It was like putting each piece of the puzzle together, and with each piece, the picture started to develop and have clarity.  I would say that I chose it.  It took making myself really sick, and trying to shove myself into a life that didn’t work for me to have the courage to choose something different.  I do believe there is an easier way J

3. What did you need to do to get here? Did you go to school? If so, was your degree related to what you are doing? Did you do something like an internship or work your way up for years? Did you take advantage of things like Informational Interviewing with those in the field? 

Ah..yes the school.  Yes, my educational background does relate to what I am doing and has laid a good foundation for me.  Also to mention that I met a lot of really amazing people along the way that have guided me through this journey. (Angela is also a Certified Therapeutic Coach.)

4. What would you do if you weren't doing what you are? Would you do this out of necessity, because you happen to have the skill sets, or because it is your dream job? 

I honestly can’t think of anything that I’d rather be doing right now.  Perhaps, be independently wealthy and travel to exotic places!  Ha!

Angela' art "New Beginnings". Check out her card series here

5. If you could create a job description of what you are doing what would it be?

Living Life Being Truly AWAKE.  Being in the moment, and allowing myself to receive the greatness of each moment.  Allowing myself to empower and inspire people in the world, while also receiving payment for the gifts that I have to contribute to the world.  My life is bigger and richer than it ever has been before.  I am stepping into my gifts, standing out, and having so much fun!

Thank you Angela for sharing your story!

Angela alludes to how she became really sick and I want to call this out a little more because I think we often overlook how the choices we make can have a physical impact on us. We dismiss it for a variety of reasons or because we are too scared to make the changes that would bring about the unknown. Angela eventually trusted her gut and took a big leap towards her dreams, her happiness, and her health. You can find out more about Access Bars and how to contact Angela by clicking here or here.

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