Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Photo a Day Week 4 +

August Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


I thought for sure that I took a picture this day, but apparently, no. So I found a picture that I took the next day that was taken in my home. Lame, I know. This is my dear cat, Diablo, making his home in Jesse's workout bag.


I think this is one of my new favorite pictures of these two. They are quite a pair. And Riley looks so much like her daddy. Not that you can tell here. Above they are at Lake Independence moments before rock throwing commenced.


How apt that today's prompt was path since we had a path right next to our tent and took it several times to get to the park and lake and back. As anyone with toddlers probably know this wasn't an easy path to walk since toddlers have a hard time staying on track. Some times Riley walked just fine, but other times she wanted to be carried, would sit down in defiance of not being carried, or would start going off road. A short walk usually feels like it is 4 times as long when walking with a little kid. Or maybe it's just our kid.


Bright and early, before the clouds cleared away, we made one last visit down to the lake before heading home from our camping trip. I think I could have sat at the edge of the water for hours if I didn't have a kid to chase after. There is something so peaceful about the water gently lapping against the shore.


OK, I know your probably wondering what the outside of a Chex box has to do with a dream, but trust me when I say you'd rather have this than a picture of a dead mouse.


Let me explain.

I actually had a rather vivid dream this night and because I'm writing this almost a week later many of the details will be lost, but here goes. A number of unrelated events occurred... I recall leaving a building with a number of people, one of which was my husband. We were working on some sort of science project that involved a small electronic component that looked like a portable CD player. As we neared the two cars we were walking to I could see that one of these components was waiting in the second car for me. Not sure how I knew, but I just knew it was mine. I picked it up and it started playing music as if it really was a CD player. And good music, although I think it was from the 90's. Someone commented that they would have thought I was a KDWB kinda girl when I was younger. Jesse jumped in quickly to clarify that was so not me. There was a very tanned and blonde woman in our group who was a fan of KDWB though (no judging - plus I did  listen to WLOL when I was much, much younger. For those of you unfamiliar WLOL is now defunct, but in my opinion was cooler than KDWB).

I then realized I forgot something in our house (which was formerly a building, and the inside looked nothing like our real house). I entered the front door into a huge entry way (definitely not my house). At the end of the entryway was the cat's auto feeder. I walked over to it because I thought I saw something moving in the food dish. As I got closer I realized it was a mouse. I started to chase after it and in doing so realized there was a very tall man in the house (that I must have known) who was helping me chase after the mouse. I entered a room that had several children in it (I think they were supposed to be mine) and they were riding what looked like a mini train around a carousel. Yes, it appeared that this house had a miniature version of an amusement park. While the children went in circle, the tall guy and I were running back and forth trying to catch the mouse. I finally stopped and put my heals together with my toes wide to form a V shaped trap as the mouse was headed right towards me. The last thing I recall is that we caught the mouse.

So you might be wondering what the heck does Chex have to do with all this. Well, I can't remember, but I know that there was Chex mix in the dream. Somewhere. And to top it off, when I woke I told my husband about this dream and he decided to check our mouse trap since we are still having issues - and he found a dead mouse.


I'll admit that I almost thought about not posting these pictures this week because there was a great lack of effort put into many of the days resulting in pictures like the above. Which, by the way, is supposed to be me tapping my fingers. But really, it's a picture I took shortly before bedtime just to take the picture. So yeah, nothing to see... might as well move along.


Wow, what a long day. I hadn't been feeling that great for a couple days, but it really started to kick in on this day. It was my late work day so I planned to go on a walk in the morning with my friend, Joanna, and Riley. This meant I really had to keep a schedule since Joanna was meeting us at my house. Besides the walk  the morning was filled with playing, cleaning, and getting ready for work. Then there was work. We are still short staffed and I had a significant sore throat. My manager tried to encourage me to go home, but I knew I could power through. Plus I was anticipating that I would feel worse the next day and may need to use my PTO (which I don't really have any of right now anyway). So I held on to 7:30... and then had to go to my rental property. My renters who only lived there a month had moved out so I wanted to do a walk through and pick up the keys. Turns out I had to make a stop at Home Depot as well so I didn't get home until almost 9 PM. All I wanted to do was crash when I got home, but I still found a way to stay up until 10:30.


Yeah, so I thought I would do so much with this prompt until I realized shortly before going to bed that I hadn't taken the picture. My husband was downstairs watching TV so I thought "I'll go DOWNstairs and take a picture". Jesse really got into the theme and even got down on the floor.What a team player. It's like a double whammy - down stairs, husband down. If you ask him he'll probably talk some nonsense about not liking to be in pictures, but I know he was just showing his husbandly support of me.


My work has the internal equivalent of Craigslist which is awesome. Recently, someone had posted that they wanted to get rid of some kid's stuff for free. I was able to get some flash cards and puzzles. These cards have become such a favorite for my alphabet loving child. She even likes to take one to bed.

Speaking of Riley's love of the alphabet I have to share two stories:

1. My husband gave Riley a sandwich cut into 4's and a piece of string cheese for lunch the other day. He found her rearranging her food and then heard her proudly exclaim "A!". And there it was... her food was in the shape of an A.
2. Recently, we were at an intersection in an area that has a lot of stores and restaurants. I heard her say "that's a Y" from the back seat so I scanned my surroundings to see what she was looking at. I then realized she was referring to a large windmill with three blades. She kept commenting on it and seemed a little stressed out when she finally said "the Y's broken" as the windmill kept moving. Yes sweetie, as a Y it's not really doing it's job, but as a windmill it's working just fine.


So as I mentioned above I've been sick and I blame the germ magnet above. As you can see she has nose crusties all over (and some of her food which we were eating outside). She initially asked me to add water to this pool, but I suggested she hide under it. So she did. Over and over and over. And the next day too. 

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