Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Photo a Day Week 2

September Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

At night

I  took some other 'at night' photos, but must have deleted them because I cannot find them anywhere. That's ok, because they were pretty uninspiring. Above is a pretty typical scene after I get home from work and as far as I am concerned falls into the 'at night' area. Once I get home I try to quickly eat and then head outside with a bucket of chalk and the kid (sometimes we go for a stroller walk or to the park at the end of the block). I have to admit I am really dreading winter and not having these outside moments with my girl because let's face it - I won't be going outside every night once it gets cold and especially once it starts snowing.

Something you do most weekends

Jesse and I recently joined a gym. We used to belong to the gym and then moved to another city. Then I got pregnant and had a kid and the gym seemed like a low priority. I mean, I was getting a work out chasing after my little one. But it finally came upon us - we just could deny it anymore... we were getting lazy and weak. I realized that almost 4 years had gone by for me since I belonged to a gym. Sure I tried to stay active, but it just wasn't the same. Not only did we join a gym, but we joined one of the big ones. I've always belonged to smaller, less intimidating gyms, but this one has child care and you know, priorities change.

We also went to the park which is very typical of our weekends. What was different is that Riley went down this slide ALL BY HERSELF. She always wants to sit on one of our laps on this slide, but basically turned to me and told me she was going down and then was gone... and then did it over and over and over. It was awesome.

Black + White

I just randomly opened the medicine cabinet and decided to take this picture. This is just some of our pain medication (it doesn't include my prescription stuff). Unfortunately, Jesse and I both get headaches, plus I deal with some other pain too. I try to manage the pain in other ways than medication... even before I started back at the gym I'd do stretching each day, try to eat healthy, be mindful of my triggers, breathe... it is what it is. I just don't want it to take away from being the best mom I can be to Riley and I worry that she will inherit this stuff too. I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't.


OK, so this picture was a stretch for the prompt 'hero', but I couldn't think of anything else. Plus, a lot of these days I end up taking these pictures as a last thought of the day. This was the masterpiece Riley created at daycare. When I just showed her this picture she told me "Char did it". Char is her daycare provider. I'm guessing Char helped her with this, but if Char actually did it I'd say she needs to get some art lessons.


I was going to post one of the other pictures I took of us where she kept giving me kisses, but they were all super blurry. She'd kiss me, but already be trying to see the picture I took. So this is the clearest one I had. Plus, she finally told me "no pictures" after about 15 of them. She's been really lovey this week with me which has delighted me to no end since she's been a bit more about daddy recently. One night as I was reading a book to her I leaned over and kissed her hand. She told me "no kissing" so I gave her a sad look and pretended to kiss her feet. I then turned back to the book only to have her say "kiss me". I turned around and she was leaned in and puckered up for a kiss on the lips. I've been noticing more and more how she understands what other people's feelings are and how to react to them. It was like she knew I was sad she said she didn't want me to kiss her so she tried to make up for it. Love that she's putting two and two together.


I've mentioned this table before, but to remind everyone the table was mine when I was little... and actually my siblings as well (and they are 10+ years older than me). My dad sanded and stained it for Riley along with a rocking chair I had too. Next up, he's fixing my old playhouse (again it belonged to my siblings first). I can't wait to get it in our backyard for Riley to play with. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did as a kid.


Again, my favorite time of day is playing outside with Riley after I get home from work. I'm not one to eagerly get bundled up in the winter to go outside so I am a little worried about how we will entertain ourselves inside when that time comes. It's not that we don't have enough to do, but she's become a little obsessed with asking to watch TV and as long as we are inside she will ask (and whine), but when we're outside she couldn't care less about TV. I'm seriously ready to move the TV out of the house. 

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