Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Photo a Day Week 3

September Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

First thing you see

It wasn't exactly the first thing I saw that morning, but the first thing I saw once I checked the prompt for the day. And it was pretty early yet. Good morning, Dragonfly.


We decided to check out a park that we don't normally go to. It's near the favored 'orange' park so it often get passed up, but it's a toddler park so it's the perfect size for Riley. Going to this park was strange enough, but there was this large, gangly tree nearby that warranted a strange title as well.

In my fridge

Apparently, I not only like red, but I like red food. We always have Pink Lady apples in the fridge, but also love our strawberries and grapes. We usually do a mix of organic and non-organic food. We'd love to do all organic, but just can't afford to do so. These strawberries don't appear to be organic which is weird because we started buying only organic strawberries after reading they are one of the worst carriers of pesticides.


We were planning for a camping trip and the weather was looking a little chilly. I ran out and got Riley a new hat and found some sturdy looking gloves for playing in the snow once it starts hitting the ground. So glad I got the hat because she needed it. (I'll write more about our trip in another post).


Quite a while ago I wrote that it was time to get rid of the highchair. And that we did - I just hadn't written about it yet. We found this one on and it's a perfect fit for our kid and our chair. So easy to clean up too. And Riley loves to be able to sit at the table like a big girl.


Our new tent from the inside! We were surrounded by a lot of nature made things so the man made things stood out more than usual. Here we pretty much just got settled into camp after getting a late start heading out to the North Shore (again, more on that in an upcoming post).


Sometimes we play hide-n-seek (which is what was happening here). Sometimes we are super happy. Sometimes we are cold. Sometimes we wear red and pick together. But never before have we all been to Duluth together (unless when you count when I was 7 months pregnant and having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions in this very spot). I look forward to many more of these trips together.

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