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What Do You Do and Why? - Jodi

What do you do and why?


Jodi and I originally met at game 6 of the World Series in 1987. My brother, John, was on approximately his third date with Jodi and decided to bring me along to the game (and what a game it was). Now, 20+ years later, John and Jodi are happily married with two daughters, Jolynn and Jacey. Read more about her story below.

1. What do you do?

Hmmm, more like what don’t I do…lol My paying job is paraprofessional at a k-3 elementary school, I clean a house every other week for spending money, I am also currently running a heating and air conditioning business from home (Super Heating and Cooling - John's business). Biggest job is being a mom & wife!

2. Why did you choose to do this? Have you always wanted to do this? Did you fall into this career or actively take steps to get here? Did you choose it or did it choose you?

I have always wanted to work in a school. I would love to teach but don’t want to have to deal with parents. I chose this so my children wouldn’t have to go to daycare. I am off the same days they are. I actively sought this out when my youngest child was going to start 1stgrade.

Jodi with her family and my folks a few years ago.

3. What did you need to do to get here? Did you go to school? If so, was your degree related to what you are doing? Did you do something like an internship or work your way up for years? Did you take advantage of things like Informational Interviewing with those in the field?

Since I didn’t have a college degree I needed to take what is called a para pro test. Luckily I passed with flying colors! I had also volunteered in the school for 2 years so that helped.

4. What would you do if you weren’t doing what you are? Would you do this out of necessity, because you happen to have the skill sets, or because it is your dream job?

I would still work at the school, because I do enjoy it. I would love not to have to clean someone else’s house (but it is something I am good at). I don’t mind the heating business, because I am able to do it from home, but would rather have someone else do it. I work mostly out of necessity, but believe I would go crazy if I had to fill my own time all day long. My dream has always been to write a novel/book someday….I keep dreaming!

Jacey, Jodi, and Jolynn

5. If you could create a job description of what you are doing what would it be?

Close to home, summers off, friendly work environment, fast paced, provide office and student support.

Jodi is a great mom and, while she notes that she has always wanted to work in a school, she is also able to use that to her advantage to spend more time with her kids. She has also been a great advocate for all kids on many occasions. For instance, she played a big role in getting a playground built that all kids can use... something that impacted her family personally since her oldest daughter has Spina Bifida. It's amazing the things you can get done when you have the passion behind it. To learn more about Spina Bifida click here.

Thank you Jodi for sharing your story! I can't wait to one day read a novel written by you!

And since it is Labor Day weekend I figured it would be appropriate to include a few facts and some additional resources. Check these out: This is a great spot that kids can go to learn more about jobs and a variety of other topics. It has a career playlist where you can listen to people talk about their jobs, and an interactive site that lets you learn more about different careers (it lists various careers, potential incomes, education needed, job outlook, etc)... plus tons of other things to check out.

Labor Day Trivia: There are a lot of sites you could learn about labor day, but here is one to start.

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