Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo a Day | August Week 5

One more month and then I'll likely take a break from the Photo a Day project - only because the days get shorter and shorter making taking pictures more and more complicated.


We didn't get outside to play much this past week because it was so hot and humid, but now that its cooled off I anticipate some more pretend dinners served out of here.

10 Minutes from home

Ok, so I fudged a little on this one. This is probably about 2 minutes from home, but the only place that I would be 10 minutes from home would be in the car. And I am guessing it is frowned upon to attempt to take a picture with an iPad while driving. Plus the above felt like it was worth documenting. Here we bring Riley to visit her preschool for the first time. As usual, she was shy for the first few minutes, but then dug right into playing with the toys and hanging out with the kids that were there. I hope she still likes it when she's there for an entire day.


Go almost to the end, swing a left, and find the glorious world of my cubicle.


First of all, I'm just lucky to have this girl as my daughter. But I was extra lucky this day because I got to work a half day and then go pick Riley up from her last day at her daycare. We've never had any concerns about her care with Char and Chris - they've been so great with her. We love them so, but it seemed right to put her in preschool now. It was emotional for this part of her life to come to an end, but Char and I both held it together when saying goodbye (I later cried - and jeez, I'm getting tearing eyed right now).


Cleaning out a drawer at work which was actually less cluttered than my desktop. Soy sauce anyone?


I think Diablo's favorite thing in the entire world is to be brushed on this table on this deck. But, to have an uncoordinated 3 year old brush him is another story. She actually did quite well this time (no unintentional head bonking, no cat nipping) so we were safe this time.

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  1. A photo a day sounds like such a challenge. Especially if I want them to be decent looking. Great job on yours. They will be fun to look back to.


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