Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Practice Photo Shoot

Tonight, Jesse, Riley, and I went over to Wolfe Park to have a little practice photo shoot. My sister in law asked me to shoot her oldest daughter's senior pictures. After reminding her that I am no professional (not even close), and that she won't get what she would with a professional she still agreed that she wanted me to take these pictures. I have to admit I am a little nervous that they will turn out.

Saturday evening is the big day. I suggested a park that I know, but I wanted to go over and check out the spots I was thinking of shooting at during the hours I plan to shoot. I took along Riley and Jesse because I knew I wanted to actually take some shots and needed some models. It was a little challenging since Riley is always moving - especially tonight - and Jesse would rather watch paint dry than have his picture taken.

I am also a little worried because I think something is off with my camera. Even Jesse agrees that it doesn't seem as sharp as it once was. I'm sure there is a whole bunch of user error in there, but I'm sure somethings wrong with the camera too. One of these days I might bring it in to be repaired, but I will admit part of me is thinking "I might as well upgrade to a new camera". Seems logical.

At any rate, even with my mildly willing subjects I was able to get some decent pictures tonight. As far as my niece, I am guessing that she won't be moving all over the place so I will be able to capture more. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather is just as beautiful this weekend. I plan to use mostly my 50 mm, but might pull out the 18 - 70 mm. I love the flexibility of the zoom, but love the pictures I get with the 50.

Arriving at the park. Already showing signs of cooperation.

This bridge is a good spot for pictures, but I imagine on a nice Saturday night it will be hard to find it abandoned. Might have to get Jesse to help me clear the way.

Apparently, these flowers stink as Riley complained of the smell and then noticed the 20 bees snacking on the flowers behind her. She scooted off the rock she was sitting on, but still let me take some pictures of her. Turns out the lighting was better when she was off the rock. Thanks kid.

Impossible to walk past the playground to the pond without stopping. First stop - bee riding with daddy.

Ha! Gotcha when you weren't looking.

After much coaxing I got us all over to the pond, but Riley was really over it all. At least the ducks let me take their pictures.

 And I was able to sneak one more of my husband because I wanted to capture this spot with this light.

My niece is a beautiful, smart young woman so I know I have a wonderful subject to work with. Hopefully, I am able to get her some quality pictures that she's proud of. Did I mention I am a little nervous about this?

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