Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random updates

Wow, I just realized that we've had a lot going on around here that I haven't been blogging about. I'm even behind on posting my photo a day series - I've been taking the pictures, but just haven't sat down to compose a post.  Part of that is because I haven't had time, but part of it is because I have been tired or have been spending time watching TV with the hubs. He got me a little sucked into Hell on Wheels. Anyone else watching that? Not happy with who they killed off at the end of the season.

At any rate, I thought I'd get you caught up with some of the things going on around here:

My dad worked in heating and air conditioning for 40 plus years and was part of the Sheet Metal Local 10 Union. The union has a yearly picnic and my dad asked us to go with this year. In the past the union would have other meetings that I would attend with my dad (because I still lived at home) and I always won something so I was crossing my fingers that we would be lucky this time. The raffle was done a little differently this year so I wasn't able to enter, but my dad did and was hoping to win something for Riley. And he did win a set of golf balls... apparently he put his ticket in the wrong bucket - the one for adults, not kids. Oh well, we still had a lot of fun even though it was quite the steamy day.

The bouncy house was a hit as long as there weren't a lot of rambunctious boys in there. 

Riley crawled up this thing multiple time and then freaked out and refused to come down the slide. I went up once, but I didn't care for riding down the slide - although she loved it on my lap. Here Jesse tries to show her how fun and easy it is. She wasn't buying it and he had to go back up and ride down with her.

There was a lot of junk trinkets and such given away on this day. This 'hard' hat was one of her fav's. 

Food was weirdly served at this event. First there were hot dogs and beverages (including free beer) served at the counter in the shelter, then back behind the shelter was a truck where you could get french fries. In another building was a stew like item my dad called bouillon, but it was like a thick stew. My dad often calls things by different, but slightly similar names so I am guessing this name wasn't quite right. I don't know. Then after some time had passed the ribs were ready, and after what felt like an eternity the corn on the cob was served from a tent near the shelter. I'm not sure if this was all intentional or just poorly planned out, but no one seemed to mind - except for us who were dying to eat some vegetables after eating hot dogs and fries. 

Willard and my dad used to work together.

The next day Riley and I attended Olivia's b-day party. Olivia is my friend Josie's daughter. She was supposed to have a party a couple weeks before but since her dad's appendix burst that morning it was cancelled. They turned her rescheduled party into a birthday party and Viking's season opener party. Seemed like a good excuse to wear our Viking's gear.

Olivia is about 6 months older than Riley, and her little sister, Ellie, is one years old. Ellie (above) is the quietest child I've ever met. Ever. She is just the sweetest little thing, and although I've been told that girlfriend has attitude I've never seen it. She's so stinking adorable.

Got my fix of Filipino food. Num.

The birthday girl taking her turn.

Riley took one little tap at the pinata, but only after I practically walked her over to it. Guess she's just not that kid. That's fine - she has her things. Let the other kids whack at this thing.

After a little adult assistance the pinata was opened. Riley was pretty good about not taking too much and even put some back when she thought I was telling her it was too much. Actually, I was just trying to get her to grab a specific candy bar for me. I never did get that Kit Kat.

Seriously envious of a play room this big.

It was a busy, but fun weekend. Glad we were able to spend the time with our friends and family. And one of these days I might get around to providing updates on Riley's sleeping, preschool, and my new work arrangement, but now it's time for a little TV with my husband.

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