Monday, September 9, 2013

Photo a Day | September 2013 | Week 1

September is here and another Photo a Day list to tackle.


Ahhh... a lovely night with the hubby. Jesse informed me a few nights prior that Riley was going to her grandparents on this night. Sweet - some alone time and hopefully a chance to sleep in. As we left Jesse's moms' house I announced the prompt of the day and took this picture only to discover he gave this pretty face. I took other pictures, but he insisted on this one. Fine by me, weirdo.

My name begins with...

This magnet board (or whatever it's called) sure brings me back to when I was a kid. This one was given to Riley by her grandma Linda, but I had one of my own. I remember it being Christmas of about 1977 when I went to visit my brother in juvie and he gave me this. He even pulled me to the side to present it to me - like we were having our own special moment. I absolutely loved it and loved the attention that I was getting from my big bro.


A sticker mural in Riley's room. This company had a lot of really fun wall stickers.


Stupid sleep issues had me up at about 3:30 am. I tried to get back to sleep, but by 4:20 I gave up and went downstairs to eat. Later, I was able to fall back asleep for about 15 minutes before my alarm went off at 6:20. Sigh.

Here forever

Jesse decided to reward Riley with a new game for doing so well at her new preschool. He bought this silly princess cupcake game which I thought we would have lost half the pieces by now (see cat in picture). A week later and all pieces are still together and it totally keeps the kid occupied. Sometimes she wants Jesse or I to play with her, but luckily she just wants to build to cupcakes and not follow the game rules. I love how long she can actually spend playing with this game. 

Getting ready

Packing up the kid's backpack for another day of preschool. I love how she wants to wear this out to the car each morning. Such a big girl.


My dad worked in heating and air conditioning for 40 plus years and was part of the Sheet Metal Credit Union (Local 10). When I was younger we'd often go to credit union events and I always won something (popcorn popper, 13 inch TV...), so when my dad said the union was having a picnic and there would be food, games, and prizes I thought what the heck. Jesse, Riley, my dad, and I headed out to Highland Park (why have I never been here) and had fun (despite the sweltering heat). Entering the prizes worked a little differently so I wasn't able to enter, but my dad did. He intended to enter the kid's prizes so he could try to win something for Riley, but instead accidentally entered the adult prizes... and was a winner. He's the proud new owner of golf balls. 

Made by me

Riley and I were playing with some new beads we bought and made a necklace for Olivia whose birthday party was later this day. These beads have been a huge hit.

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