Monday, May 18, 2015

Dance Pictures

Riley had her dance pictures taken this past weekend. I'm debating about whether I am going to order any since I took my own pictures. However, it might be nice to have the group picture. I have a couple of those from when I was in dance and appreciate having them... of course, they are the only pictures I have so there's that distinction.

I'd actually been dreading this day since we discovered that this dance company wanted our 4 and 5 year old's to wear makeup for the pictures and the recital (which is June 12th). Jesse and I were not comfortable with this at all so I reached out to the dance company owner and she was totally respectful of our decision. I wondered what other parent's thought about this, but never broached the subject while our little dancers were in their class.

So Sunday I was relieved to see that only one girl had makeup on (that I could tell). Only 5 of the 8 (I think) girls showed up so maybe more will be made up at the recital, but it's nice to know that we aren't alone on this.

Please ignore my nasty garage floor and my 5 going on 15 year old.

I was also stressing a little about her hair which was supposed to be curled in a high pony tail. Her fine hair doesn't really keep a curl and I don't have anything to curl it with. Plus I couldn't get it all up in a pony. I was about to leave it down, but then found some hairspray and bobby pins from when I got married six years ago and was able to get her hair up in the back. Guess, it's a good thing I held on to that stuff.

Gah! I love her little freckles.

Anyway, no surprise that Riley and I had our own little photo shoot. I never think my yard is all that great in terms of a backdrop, but I did find a few new spots that I am excited to use again in the future. Plus, I think I want to 'make' a floor I can use for photos in the garage with a spot where I can pull down a backdrop.

We probably won't go back to this dance company, but we'll see... Riley's done really well with dance and she sure enjoys it so you never know. We did like her instructor, Miss Carrie, as she was great with the girls.

In the end, it was a good experience for her to participate in something she enjoys, to be able to learn the skills and coordination of dance, follow directions, and cooperate with her classmates. She can put on her own recital anytime she wants at home and now she has the 'special' dress to do so.

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