Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project 52 - Dad - Week 19


My dad stopped by this week and humored me when I asked for a picture. He's good about those things. Thanks dad.

"Do you want me to smile?"
I told him "do whatever you do". The expression is so him.

A little about my dad...

Name: Frank

Age: 87 or slightly older than sliced bread.

1. My dad has worked many jobs including at Coca Cola and installing electrical poles in the South, but worked at his last job in HVAC for over 40 years. 

2. He's the hardest worker I've ever known. We rarely vacationed when I was a kid probably because there was always work to do. Some people had cabins; we had a farm we went to on weekends and if we were lucky we might be able to walk down to the Apple river or go snowmobiling in between cutting wood, and mowing the grass.

3. My dad has been retired for 24 years, but has kept busy by walking daily, staying connected with friends, fixing things, and scraping cans and other metal items. He recently declared that he's giving up scraping since it's too much work. This announcement doesn't sit well with me as it seems a sign that he's slowing down. #don'twanttofacethereality

4. He likes to watch 'wrastling' on TV and pronounces 'wash' as 'warsh'.

5. He'll tell you that the "golden" years are not golden and when you ask him "how's it going" he'll respond "slow and steady". However, he's still the strongest, most active 87 year old I know. I can only hope I have half the energy he does when I'm that age.

6. As I kid I always remembered him squishing around a ball of mud in his fingers like it was a stress ball.

7. He peels his tomatoes before eating... preferably sliced and salted.

8. He was drafted into the Army during the Korean War and was stationed in Baumholder,Germany. He helped build temporary bridges to replace all those destroyed during WWII.

9. He uses duct tape for band aids. 

10. He may seem old fashioned and hard core, but he's got a big heart. His caretaking ways show up constantly and I am amazed at how much he can give of himself. I'm incredibly lucky to call him dad.

And because I wanted to try something a little grittier I gave the Dragan editing effect a try...


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    1. Thanks Heather! I want to capture as much as I can about him while he's still here. I know it could be tomorrow or another 10 years so I am trying to embrace him as much as I can. Also, in reference to your IG comment - yes! so hard to get pictures of the 'older' generation. I kept trying to sneak in a good shot and finally just asked him. It doesn't phase him, but it might be harder with other people. Almost makes me want to capture the older generation for other people as well... specializing in grandparent photography :)


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