Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project 52 - Denny - Week 20


My dad used to live in my house - well, he owned it and then rented it out and eventually sold it to me. But when he moved here in the 1950's (and lived here for 20 some years) he made some life long friendships with some of the neighbors. One of them was Denny.

I saw Denny as a character. He was a talker and always so excited. These are things that weren't typically a part of our household. We were reserved introverts. Denny stirred things up for us and I have to admit, I sometimes found it a little exhausting, but I loved his enthusiasm and his constant smile. I swear there was always a twinkle in his eye. I loved him for being so... him.

Denny was a devoted friend to my dad and would often show up at my dad's to go out to breakfast. I knew that if my dad stopped by my house he was probably going to stop over at Denny's too. I found comfort in their friendship. Many of their friends and family were gone, but at least they had their friendship.

Denny once took my dad to the hospital and then came over to my house to tell me... against my dad's wishes. Turns out my dad was totally fine, but I appreciated what Denny did and counted on him to look out for my dad.

Yesterday, Denny passed away.

It breaks my heart in so many ways, but I knew this day would come. I just didn't think it would be now. Denny's had his health issues, but seemed to be doing quite well lately. He even made the solo trip (with his sidekick cat) to Nebraska to see his granddaughter graduate from high school. And that's where he had a massive heart attack.

Regrets abound, of course. Why didn't I stop by his house on my own, show Riley his prized model train collection, listen to more of his stories, bring him dinner... the list goes on. Fear is there too. My dad is healthy - will he be gone without warning? Could be. I know this. Death always stirs up these thoughts for me.

Anyway, yesterday I ran outside and took pictures of these chives, holding them up in varies parts of my yard; looking for the best light and background. I'm sure I looked silly to my neighbors, but I didn't care. I wanted to capture a moment - one of beauty, but one of life. Here they are, buds about to burst open - full of life. Of course, at the time, I thought I'd be posting something about our food haul from our CSA, but they seem so peaceful, colorful, potent, and charming with the sun twinkling from behind that they seem a fitting representation of Denny.

RIP, Denny, you will be missed.

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