Thursday, May 28, 2015

Project 52 - Graduation - Week 21


Riley graduated from preschool today. It seems sort of silly to graduate from preschool, and before this morning I sort of rolled my eyes at the whole preschool graduation ceremony thing, but wouldn't you know it... I totally got teary eyed when they called her name, when they shared that her favorite thing about preschool was reading, when she got her 'diploma', and when they sang songs. Guess, I'm that mom after all.

There are about 18 kids in Riley's class and I think most of them will still be in preschool through the summer so this wasn't really a 'last day' for them, but it certainly signaled an end to this phase of her life. In a few short months she'll be hopping on a bus in the morning to go to kindergarten. Man, time really does fly. 2028, the year she'll graduate, seems so far away, but I bet it will be here in no time flat.

Guess Riley didn't get the 'silly faces' memo

I'm really proud of this girl. She can be quiet and timid, but she really loves school. She flourishes there and I am excited for what the upcoming years will bring. Will reading still be her thing in a few years? Who will her friends be? Will she still be singing and drawing nonstop? I already love so much the little person she's grown into. I can't wait for all that is to come and yet I so want it to slow down.

The other day she told me that she wished we still had the rocking chair in her room so she could rock to sleep in it. And, at times, I too wish we could do that. I want to bring that snuggly little baby back. I loved those special little moments, but each day she provides me with more of those special moments... and that's exciting.

Silly as they may seem I am now excited for all those graduation ceremonies to come. I'm all about celebrating this girl.

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