Thursday, May 7, 2015

Project 52 - Girl Time - Week 18


This past weekend wasn't an official mother/daughter weekend, but Riley and I sure did spend a lot of time together - just the two of us. On Saturday morning we went to papa Frank's house (while Jesse worked on patching some holes in our ceiling) and in the evening we snuck out for frozen yogurt. Jesse had the boys over for game night so it seemed like a fun thing for us girls to do. Riley was especially excited (and astonished) that we were going for a treat after she had her bath and was in her pajamas. Obviously, it's not something we do regularly, but that's what makes it so special.

Showing off her jammies

On Sunday, Riley and I headed out again - just the two of us - to the park with a ball. We had a blast kicking the ball, throwing the ball, hitting it with a stick, chasing after the ball... and laughing the entire time. It was fun to spend so much time one on one with my girl. I know these are the moments that really count as I can see how she lights up when she gets my full attention, or when we do something out of the ordinary together. Mother's Day may be next week, but it sure felt like it was this weekend.

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